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On the Center Court, this Saturday, the two French face the legends of Switzerland and Spain in the third round. Not easy.

At age 25, Lucas Pouille will enter the Center Court for the first time in his life. A moment necessarily particular. And for its debut in the Temple of tennis, the 28th world faces the master of the place in person. Sacred baptism. "Playing Roger at Wimbledon on the Central is one of the most beautiful things in this sport. I will not go there either to admire the place. I know what he looks like because I saw him on TV, but not in real life. Amelie (Mauresmo, his coach) knows him well. We will be able to talk about it. With Roger, we played only once (in 2014 at Bercy, victory of Federer 6-4, 6-4). I had the feeling to have a little look. We'll have to focus on what I've done well since the beginning of the tournament: continue to be aggressive, put pressure on the return and try to have a high percentage of service. "

"On a match like that, he has everything to gain. It's only positive "

Thierry Champion

Although he left a set en route in the first round, the eight-time winner of the tournament seems to have found good fuel on his blessed lawn. After a few very complicated months since his surprise at the Australian Open (semi-final), Lucas Pouille found, for his part, good feelings on grass. After two victories in three sets without trembling against his compatriots Gasquet and Barrrère, and only 3 h 25 spent on the courts, place the Maestro to try a capital feat. "Lucas must not get on the court saying that this is the ultimate challenge, says Thierry Champion, director of high level. All planets must be aligned to get out the big game. But I have the impression that Lucas has hit the ball well since the beginning of the tournament. On a match like that, he has everything to gain. It's only positive. He has strengths with his service and his ability to impose his ball speed. "

Nadal Mountain

The challenge of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is almost as huge as that of Puglia. The Nadal mountain is facing the Manceau. An impassable pass on clay. But not far off being out of the grass category when his knees leave him alone. What seems to be the case since the start of the tournament in London: "The beat on the ground, it is an even greater performance, because it is his playground, confirms Tsonga. Nadal in full possession of his means on grass, it is very strong, even if he did not win twelve times Wimbledon (2 titles, in 2008 and 2010). Contrary to what one can think, it is very strong on turf. His reading of the game is out of the ordinary, he has an extraordinary hand … He has everything you need to play well on grass. I expect a game hanging. I gave myself the opportunity to be there. I will try to make a good match. Tsonga, led 8-4 in his duels with the Majorcan, has already dominated on grass, eight years ago, in the quarterfinals of Queen's. "I played very well. The court was smaller and the turf completely different. "

"I just miss victories on top 10"

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Removed from the circuit for seven months in 2018 due to a left knee surgery, Tsonga is reverberating on grass without the physical glitches that have so much enameled his career: "It takes a lot of time to regain a physical condition that allows you to have a constant level of play that rises every week. When I lose to Raonic in Stuttgart (in the round of 16), I am disgusted to have lost, but I am happy with my match. Same against Federer in Halle (in 8th). I just miss victories on top 10. "

The current 72nd world has a golden opportunity to find the light against Nadal. "Tsonga is more used than Lucas to this type of Grand Slam match," continues Thierry Champion. He returns to an excellent level. He made a lot of effort to return close to the top 50 after his almost white season. I find it solid in the game and well physically. He is able to serve very well and impose his shots in forehand. I feel like there is something to do. The saying goes: "Impossible is not French. "Answer this Saturday on the most beautiful court in the world against two legends more alive than ever.

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