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Before the 1991 ceasefire, Morocco's Western Sahara wall was designed to defend the FAR from Sahrawi fighters' incursions. After the end of hostilities under UN auspices, the wall changed function. First, it prevents freedom of movement and communication between aboriginal inhabitants on both sides of the wall of shame. Then, it became the main gate of all the traffics with which the Moroccan army makes sure the payment of its needs.

Morocco does not have the means to finance an army of nearly 200,000 soldiers deployed along the wall of 2750 km, the Moroccan authorities have given green light to all trafficking within the army to ensure autonomy budget .

In Moroccan units encamped in Western Sahara are also officers of the DGED responsible for the shipment of hashish shipments intended for Sahrawi refugee camps, Mauritania and the entire Sahel region where drugs became the main means financing of terrorist movements.

In this context, the Saharawi army has just captured a 4 × 4 Toyota vehicle with a load of 1500 kg of cannabis resin, an arsenal consisting of a PKT machine gun, 200 rounds and 4 counterparts.
According to the Saharawi Ministry of Defense, the operation took place in the region of Timelusa and was preceded by another seizure at Gleybat Elaggaya on July 10, 2019 where 100 kh of hashish were seized and 5 smugglers locked up .

France is trying to present Morocco as a key partner in the fight against drug trafficking when all the dangers come from this country which does not hesitate to exploit the questions of terrorism and drugs to reach its expansionary purposes.

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