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From fodder to rotocut, fixed or variable chamber presses, small or large machines, wrapped grass or silage: the Arvalis-Institut du Vgtal article published on Web-agri, giving advice on successful silage, brought readers ask themselves a lot of questions, and change their opinions and experiences on the different techniques of harvesting and conserving grass.

words from readers wrapping grass "Bale weight plays a big role in the cost of wrapping," says Tintin. On the other hand, counting film, transportation, etc., doubles the cost per ton of MS! (© Arvalis-Institut du végétal // Création Terre-net Média)

Patrice Brachet: " Feed the fodder to the rotocut ensures a clean cut without defects and gives, in the case of a alfalfa, an ideal product for the rumination of cows. Moreover, a bad cut puts the mixing machine Struggling! At home, the pressing and wrapping are done by a company and we just go in the boots. One day, the provider made a mistake and disabled the knives. 800 minimum boots were concerned and we left our mixing bowl! And I'm not talking about the consumption of GNR, (…) nor the decline of theingestion of cows, so milk production !! The difference was obvious between well-cut boots and those that were not … "

Interests and disadvantages of Rotocut forage

Steph72: "To use a rotocut, you do not need pebbles! "

Tintin : "The weight of the balls plays a lot on the cost of wrapping. The company I work with has a variable chamber press and knives. She manages to make me 860 kg bullets with a MS rate 60%, or 520 kg of MS per bullet. Another contractor, equipped with a Kuhn combination press, out of balls of 550 kg, the equivalent of 330 kg of MS per ball, for the same price! If we count the wrapping film, transport, etc., we double the cost per ton of MS! "

Patrice Brachet: "Okay with you Tintin and also with Steph72 but the mixing do not like pebbles either. Actually, I think the variable chamber cup more and yet the silage specialists advocate the fixed chamber !! "

Fixed or variable chamber press?

Nicolas Hautot: "If the fixed chamber is privileged, it is for its solidity in time. A contractor had a variable room and was doing a lot of wrapping but he was spending 10,000 € a year on repairs! "

Titian: "For my part, I still hesitate between wrap and ensil my mesil. The advantage of wrapping: its flexibility in terms of storage and use. And for silage, its affordable cost and ease of distribution, sandwiched in corn silage. "

Why not ensilage the grass?

Nicolas Hautot: "In my region, forage harvesters for grass and meslin grow like mushrooms. "

Patrice Brachet: "In my sector, Nicolas, you have to look for a long time before finding a forage harvester. Many breeders who owned them have retired or have thrown in the towel. Businesses therefore have a heavy workload and rarely intervene on the desired date. As for the Cuma … "

Nicolas Hautot: "I am now renting a self-loading skip. So, I go at my pace and I can mix the parcels in the silo to have regular silage Winter. Because the grass silage yards become more complicated than those of corn! (…) "

Are small machines better than big ones?

Patrice Brachet: " I know a contractor, not far, who has two small machines and in the region, it is the most efficient because there is never a waste of time. On the other hand, for sure, no one turns to cross him on the road! We can not do all the projects like in some videos! (…) "

Nicolas Hautot: "I do not understand the interest, for the ETA, to have big machines that spend their time waiting at the end of the field. To attract the customer without doubt, to say that it's not pleasant at home. Or it allows the material to be versatile and ensiles corn. (…) "

Readers take news of Patrice's meshes

Jonathan: "Hi Patrice. How are your mesins now? Ours lack water and are not terrible yet. "

Patrice Brachet: "Thanks Jonathan, they are not too bad. The density is good but they would drink a lot. "

Steph72: "When do you intend to wrap your Mestiel Patrice? Me, this year, I will focus on quality rather than performance. Last year, triticale was watched at harvest and maize yield was penalized. The cold has affected them as well but we will not cry because the RGI have suffered a lot in places. (…) "

Patrice Brachet: "Steph, the landmark, it's first pea flower. This is the logic, however the situation of each can be different. As far as we are concerned, I do not know how to answer for the moment because legumes are the law and we will manage according to them. If the weather allows, I would not repeat the same calvary as last year for mowing: two passages, the first 50 cm and the second at a normal height. Given the behavior of legumes (after organic treatment I specify), I think cut a little earlier than usual. "

Titian: " I have some peas in bloom, but I will wait a little longer. Besides, it seems to me that M. Brachet sows late varieties. "

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