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Peroomal Veeren is accompanied by a helicopter on each of his outings.

Peroomal Veeren is accompanied by a helicopter on each of his outings.

The Chetak flying over the capital on Monday 1st July was not on the road to pick up the car keys of a high-ranking police officer. That day, the helicopter had another mission: to monitor Peroomal Veeren, who was out. Moreover, each time he leaves the prison, it is the same procession that accompanies him. Why ? How? How much does it cost ? And who is he?

At the Barracks, those who mount operations to escort the guy are prowled. He is often on the road, Peroomal Veeren. Last Monday, he had to go to court for his divorce, and on May 30, he had to go to the dentist. Toothache ? Plaque implants? Did he want to have them removed before the ICAC operation? We do not know. Still, each trip to Peroomal Veeren costs about Rs 100,000 to the taxpayer, helicopter ride at the cost of Rs 27,000, tanks, ambulance, mobilization GIPM, SSU and all the trimmings. Why so many privileges?

Vinod Appadoo, the Commissioner of Prisons, said it was the court that asked the police helicopter to accompany him last Monday. Even at the dentist on May 30? "The police have information that prisoner Veeren is planning to escape. There is no concrete information, but when he was in Beau-Bassin, in his cell, the guards had found magazines on boats. If that happens, it will be a disaster, especially because thanks to its network, it will be able to easily leave the country ", advance a knowledgeable source.

Moreover, the fact that he goes to court on the same day as Shahebzada Azaree – boss of Gloria Fastfood at Desforges Street and at Victoria Station, accused of money laundering – brought water to the mill of those who defend this theory. But it is not the only reason. Others argue that Peroomal Veeren's life is in danger. This is the reason why he is often seen with a helmet on his head. Who would want to kill him? Competitors ? Families of drug victims? Politicians? Again, no concrete information, but if the authorities do not want the convict to escape, they still want him to end up martyrdom.

A tooth against displacements

Whenever the drug trafficker moves, comments rain down. The police growl and the netizens go wild. One of them wondered why dentists do not move to prisoners, which would cost less. The comment did not fall on deaf ears. Starting this Monday, July 8, the regulations to set up a Mobile Dental Clinic, which will crisscross prisons to restore a whiteness toothpaste smile to inmates who crush the dark, will be established. "I applied to the Minister of Health and gave his approvalConfirmed Vinod Appadoo.

What about other care? At the Bastille, the fifteen or so prisoners receive constant medical attention. A lawyer argues that already, before being placed there, the prisoner must imperatively be examined by a doctor to judge his ability to serve his sentence in this prison. In addition, a doctor is always on duty and checks the health status of inmates twice a day. "These prisoners only see the sun for two hours every day"Says the lawyer.

Are they afraid to tan? "Most of these prisoners are hardened criminals and everything is done to cut them off their network. But their state of health can suffer, argues a source in the prison world. In addition to the doctor, the prison is also equipped with an electrocardiograph device. "But the doctor is only a generalist. When there are health complications or they need dental care, the prisoners are transferred to the Rose-Belle hospital, where there is a prison wing. " In Beau-Bassin, the situation is different. The prison has a mini-hospital, with the appropriate services. Only patients with serious ailments are transported to hospitals.

The expertise of a generalist is not enough in the case of Peroomal Veeren? According to a source who attended, the guy has diabetes "uncontrollableAnd needs specialized care on a regular basis. Even his food needs to be accurately measured so as not to aggravate his health, but this is not always the case. Since last Monday, epilepsy has come to add to the ills he suffers. "But beware. Epilepsy is not insignificant. We must see if he has a history of this disease, another source said, that that day he had been examined the same morning before his release.

Visit card :

Name: Peroomal Veeren

Birth date: September 25, 1976

Pre-conviction employment: Security agent

Penalty: 34 years for drug trafficking and 2 years for possession of drugs in prison (non-consecutive)

Years of conviction: 2010 and 2017

Incarcerated in: 2003 (appeal dismissed)

Remission: 6 years

Notable facts:

  • accused the Prime Minister of being a drug importer before the Lam Shang Leen Commission on August 10, 2017
  • celebrated his birthday with great pomp at the Beau-Bassin prison in 2016
  • was in possession of a chain worth Rs 1 million inheritance of his father according to him
  • was in a very good mood during his second conviction on June 21, 2017

The Godfather

Everyone is entitled to the same treatment in prison. "Ki li Chairman, enn CEO, zot tou parey ", loud and clear Vinod Appadoo, the Commissioner of Prisons. And the strong police escort when traveling? "This is not a privilege, quite the opposite. That's because the prisoner in question is dangerous", Another source goes on.

But this has not always been the case. The prison commissioner remembers the time when Peroomal Veeren was at the Beau-Bassin prison. He was the chief prisoner – or "the Godfather" in prison jargon – and had a whole bunch of jailers obeying his finger and eye. In addition to having celebrated his fortieth birthday with great pomp, he"boughtPrincely treatment. Table service, back and foot massages and even help in the shower … "So long, so long for souy so ledo," jokes a prison guard. He did not complain about his stay. But these services were not free. At the time, the families of the detainees could put money on their accounts. And the relatives of Peroomal Veeren fed the accounts of those who were in his service.

Faced with the situation, the guy had been placed in isolation, in the same penitentiary, but nothing had changed. "The others competed ingenuity to be in contact with him because it was to their advantage" Does explains. Subsequently, he was transferred to La Bastille.

But Peroomal Veeren is not the only oneprivileged". Other bigwigs have the same lifestyle, says another prison guard, who has decades of experience. Like the boss, they have little knights servants who are at their service. "Ena mem paid for zina shot button zerm …. " What to pass on urticaria to the authorities.

But it's not just the prisoners. Prison guards are also often in the loop, in cahoots with the bigwigs. A "jockey" to introduce a mobile phone in the prison can touch up to Rs 100 000. It is the relatives of the prisoner who make the payment. Cigarettes, drugs and other prohibited products are each priced. Moreover, a dozen prison guards were pinned by the Lam Shang Leen Commission.

"We do not make love in prison"

No parts of legs in the air between the walls of the prison. It is Vinod Appadoo who says it. He did not speak of the urban legend of "ramas savonet", but visits. In Mauritius, convicts are not entitled to the conjugal visit.

Here, the matrimonial visit is not one of the three types of visits that exist for the incarcerated. There is the Skype conversation, the visit separated by an armored glass. Those who behave like nice prisoners or who have children are entitled to "contact visits ». 'Contact with the heart of the world', says the prison commissioner. In any case, these visits are always under the eyes of third parties, so the environment is not conducive to privacy.

Visitors have the right to kiss, touch or even pinch their cheeks. The visits take place twice a month. The convicts are entitled to half an hour while those who are "We remand" enjoy the company of their loved ones for 15 minutes. Each prisoner has a specific day. "For example, Peroomal Veeren's sister tried to meet her brother when it was not a good day. She made a mess, but that did not change anything. No special treatment, you see … " says a prison guard.

Attention, everyone is not allowed to visit a loved one if he is incarcerated. The prisoner has a file with five people registered, and no one else can have access to him.

Then there are the cases of couples where both are incarcerated. How do they do ? "It exists», Vinod Appadoo says. So that they can see each other, it must be approved beforehand and he decides on a case by case basis. Otherwise, they have to settle for Skype.

What about gay couples incarcerated in two different prisons? "I have never seen such cases or received such requests ", Vinod Appadoo concludes.

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