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"Stop Drug! Elected AJC ": it is the inscription on the banner deployed in the night of Friday to Saturday on the forecourt of the town hall.
"Stop Drug! Elected AJC ": it is the inscription on the banner deployed in the night of Friday to Saturday on the forecourt of the town hall. (CD)

A banner was deployed at night in front of the Vannes Town Hall to invite the elected officials to take action against drug trafficking in Kermesquel Park. Exceeded residents multiply this kind of actions.

No holidays for the residents of Kermesquel Park in their fight against drug trafficking! The collective Vannes wants to keep the pressure on the elected … Three days after unfurling banners in different parts of the city, they have recidivated in the night of Friday 12 to Saturday 13 July, this time just in front of City Hall. It is a symbol of the city that has been touched: the equestrian statue of Arthur de Richemont, in the place Maurice-Marchais. A cloth banner was placed around its base, with the inscription: "Stop Drug! Elected AJC ". An invitation to act more firmly, therefore, for the councilors vannetais.

Since March, in Ménimur, following a concerted action by the national police and municipal police, drug trafficking has been deported from Kérizac to Kermesquel, much to the chagrin of the residents of this urban park, once a popular place to walk in the neighborhood. " For the first time, the collective acted in the heart of the city with the aim of enjoying the attraction of the city center during the historic Festivals and, moreover, to continue the awareness of the elected officials of the ras-le- bowl of their fellow citizens, "write the members of the collective in their statement.

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