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This is the new challenge that worries the American authorities and that take more and more importance for a few hours to the point that the TV channels there devoted many reports by reminding that anyone who performs this type of challenge risks up to to 20 years in prison.

The objective is to degrade a pot of ice, by licking the ice cream for example, then to put it back in shelf while waiting for a person to buy it with your slime and your microbes …

To understand the problem, you should know that the majority of ice cream pots in the USA do not have plastic protection. To access the ice, simply remove the cardboard lid and put it back after licking the ice or putting your fingers in the pot, as you can see in the videos below. And one can scarcely imagine what an even more ill-intentioned mind could do.

Side microbes, on the telly trays, the specialists explain on TV trays that the cold destroys the majority of those left by a lick or fingers not very clean … But the operation is still disgusting … Des voices are now rising to call on the authorities to strengthen the law, particularly by forcing ice makers to make their pots inviolable.

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