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New York. Thursday, June 12, 2019. NCC. At the United Nations headquarters at the end of May, the third annual conference of the International Day of Prevention against Drugs was held with the promotion of youth and education.

This day is part of the 2030 agenda of the United Nations and concerns the Sustainable Development Goals as part of a series of socio-cultural and diplomatic activities organized by the Council for Justice, Equality and Peace (COJEP) in collaboration with the Drug Free World Foundation and the permanent mission of Turkey.

The COJEP, whose official seat is in Geneva, has its permanent representative at the UN: Ambassador Hugues Sanon Special Envoy of International Relations of COJEP who initiated the initiative of this conference.

As a reminder, the Drug Free World Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides factual information on drugs to young people and adults so they can make informed decisions and live without the use of drugs. The goal is to raise awareness, educate, prevent, share experiences and find immediate solutions to eradicate drugs, a real plague affecting the entire world.

For the occasion, distinguished guests including public figures, intellectuals, politicians, dignitaries were invited to participate in a panel discussion: the President and Director of Drug Free World, Dr. Benard Fialkoff and Meghan Fialkoff, Ms. Halime Digdem Buner, Advisor to the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations, Judge Sibil M. Elia, Miss New York 2018 with whom the foundation collaborates ….

20190531 211018Alizé Utteryn of Guyanese origin CEO of AlizéLaVie, Vice President of Media and Public Affairs of the United African Congress in the United States to name a few. Of those who made the trip abroad like Miss Dudu Keles Special Envoy COJEP (France / Europe) from Geneva.

An audience representing various cultures has moved massively.

Around this meeting, both charitable and diplomatic, the Ambassador Mr. Hugues Sanon stressed the need to fight with all his might against drugs, delinquency, crime and war that are detrimental to human society. He also emphasized the possibility of finding more effective ways to prevent natural disasters and help victims after their passage.

After very informative and dynamic exchanges with the panelists, the conference closed with the presentation of prestigious awards. Many of the speakers were rewarded for recognizing their work and continued effort to change the world. These inspiring individuals are personalities, leaders who stand out for their intrinsic courage, exceptional professionalism and positive impact on their actions. Alizé Utteryn is therefore part of these personalities

She has received an honorary certificate for all the work she has been doing for years in the United States but also internationally, both with young people from all walks of life, but also with the international community for services rendered, United Nations and the Diaspora as a whole. Its dynamism, investment, humanitarian and media actions to highlight diversity were also highly commended.

"We are very happy and honored tonight to present this certificate of honor to Ms. Alizé. She is a very dynamic woman who promotes art, music, culture, diplomacy and politics. It is involved in everything to ensure a better world fair, equality and security. She travels almost everywhere in all countries and works tirelessly to convey a universal message of hope, "said Ambassador Hughes Sanon. A new and beautiful consecration for Alizé Utteryn who had already received in 2014 the Champion of Change Award at the United Nations.

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