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Friday, the interregional specialized jurisdiction of Rennes sentenced three men, including two dockworkers, to terms ranging from one to six years in prison for cocaine trafficking.

Three men of 59, 48 and 38 years appeared since Thursday before the interregional specialized jurisdiction (Jirs) of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) for import, possession, transfer and transportation of narcotics on the port of Saint-Nazaire at Montoir-de Brittany (Loire-Atlantique).

The fifties seemed like the presumed leader of the traffic, reports Le Parisien. This retired docker had recruited a 48-year-old colleague who had been responsible for recovering cocaine from the West Indies. A 38-year-old Saint-Nazaire auto-entrepreneur had to carry the drug.

A ton of cocaine would have been imported

A drug that was supposed to be recovered by traffickers from the Nantes region and which was eventually found in containers. In January and February 2018, investigators seized 290 and 110 kilograms of drugs, record numbers.

They had also been able to detect people receiving the substance in France by equipping the floor of a ship with GPS plotters. A boat on which had been observed drugs from the island of Martinique. In all, more than a ton of cocaine would have been imported.

Sentences ranging from one to six years in prison

One of the henchmen admitted to taking part in the traffic and agreed to carry the drugs in exchange for a small sum of money. The other said he was unaware that the bags contained narcotics.

In the end, the court on Friday sentenced the head of the traffic, absent for medical reasons, to six years in prison with detention and 300,000 euros fine. The other docker was sentenced to five years in prison with detention. In addition, he is now permanently prohibited from practicing dockwork in port areas and will have to pay a fine in the amount still unknown.

Finally, the auto-entrepreneur was sentenced to one year in prison and 10,000 euros fine without a deposit warrant.

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