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He denounces, with a touch of irony, "critics sometimes anonymous (therefore courageous), violent and unjustified". Jean-Pierre Rousselle, the mayor (SE) of Agnetz, takes, in the editorial of the municipal bulletin of July, the defense of its technical services, accused by some inhabitants of not weeding enough the streets of the village. "They do not realize the work that it represents. Like many, they are dead at the end of the day, "says the director general of the services of the municipality.

"It is true that in this season grass grows, like every year, at a steady pace. The agents do a remarkable job, "said the elected representative. There are twelve to take care of Agnetz, which has 27 km of roads, double the sidewalks. "Since the abandonment of chemical treatments, there is no miracle method. We tried everything. What works is a sustained follow-up and redo the joints, "explains the director.

"There are eternals grumpy"

Especially since the law obliges the inhabitants to take care of bindweeds and other dandelions that flourish at the foot of their houses and fences. The mayor also thanks those who "play the game". "The wall feet must be maintained by the residents. Which almost never happens … says the director. Taxes is the argument that comes up often. By paying them, some feel that suddenly all is due. "

Difficult yet, while walking Agnetz, to believe in the middle of the jungle. "There are eternal grumpy people," sighs Sebastien, a resident of Fay Street. One can not at the same time rejoice to live in the countryside in the middle of the nature and to be scandalized for some weeds. A little further, another resident says, "I do not weed. But I do not moan either! In fact, it does not bother me, especially now, it's full of small flowers. "

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