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Several tons of cocaine ran aground on a beach near Casablanca on August 11, according to the Tunisian weekly Réalités. This incident occurs after the discovery of 37 drug packages on another beach in Morocco, early August. Alerted by walkers, the police seized the narcotic.

After some 40 packages of cocaine were found on a Moroccan beach near Bouknadel in Morocco in early August, according to the Moroccan daily Assabah, others were rejected on the beach of Sidi Rahal in Casablanca on August 11, reports Tunisian weekly Realities.

After the discovery of a huge amount of drugs by the sea, walkers have alerted the authorities. An important security device has been put in place, it says. Tons of cocaine, wrapped in plastic bags, were seized by the local police.

Previous episodes

Previously, bathers at the beach of Nations, located between Salé and Mehdia, near the town of Bouknadel, had alerted the police on August 4 of the presence of 37 packets of narcotic.

A tonne of cocaine was seized near El Jadida in December 2018. Transshipped off the mainland waters of the kingdom, the cargo came from Colombia, said Article19, Moroccan and international news site.

For several years, Morocco has been the target of South American drug traffickers, some local media say, referring to the discovery of large shipments of cocaine often rejected by the sea on beaches of the kingdom.

An airstrip in Morocco

In December 2018, a transnational criminal network of cocaine trafficking was dismantled, according to the statement of the Moroccan security services. An attempt to build an airstrip in Morocco by international traffickers has been revealed. This project was intended to be used in cocaine operations from Latin America to Europe and to serve as a transit point on Moroccan territory.

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