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Tobacco products and alcohol are the substances most consumed by young people, at 65 and 54% respectively, followed by cannabis (23%), opium and painkillers (9%). This is the result of a study conducted by Skoun, the Lebanese Center for Addictions, to assess youth behaviors and attitudes about substance use.

The results of this study were presented Wednesday evening during a roundtable on the theme "Drugs in Lebanon: Should the state continue to criminalize the use of drugs? Organized by Skoun at Station Beirut, Sin el-Fil, on the occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking, set for June 26, and in parallel with the international campaign "Support. Do not punish ", which aims to raise awareness of the harmful effects of the criminalization of drug users.

The study, conducted in partnership with the SIDC NGO (Nursing and Community Development) with funding from the European Union, was conducted between May and September 2018. Recruited persons (3,274 from different regions of the country) were invited to answer a self-administered questionnaire online. Anonymity was guaranteed. According to the study, 25% of respondents used illicit substances at least once, knowing that cannabis remains the most abused illicit substance (92%), followed by cocaine (22%) and salvia (one variety of sage, hallucinogenic plant).

According to the study also, 60% of the sample said it was easy in Lebanon to obtain illicit substances. In addition, 68% of those recruited noted that they knew a person arrested for drug use, while 7% of them said that they had been arrested for the same reasons. Finally, 44% of people think that the state should decriminalize drug use, at a time when 16% of them say they do not have an answer at this level.

It is precisely to clarify the legal, legal, medical and technical aspects of this last point that the round table was organized, especially since many people wrongly think that "the decriminalization of drug use means legalization, "explains Sandy Mteirik, the Orient-Le Jour, head of the Skoun Department of Drug Policy. It stresses in this context that "drug use should be considered as a crime against the law, not as a crime, even if it means redistributing resources for medical and social purposes to help drug users".

Ms Mteirik explains that Skoun is working on amendments to the existing anti-drug laws, "but this work must be done with the views of the young people who are the main targets". The Skoun study will also provide a basis for centers that deal with addictions, and for the Ministry of Health to develop drug policies and projects.

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