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Ariane Francoeur

Ariane Francoeur, a native of Saint-Donat, has worked as a librarian and has a university degree in public affairs and international relations.

A bookseller from Rimouski, Ariane Francoeur, is launching the budding booksellers project, an activity that will allow many young people aged 7 to 17 in the region to become one-day booksellers this summer.

The project is in two stages, the first is a meeting with the author Simon Boulerice on July 10, led by Ariane Francoeur. "We wanted someone who wrote a lot for young people and who also wanted to make a positive impact. He likes talking to young people, he talks a lot about difference and less discussed topics. He is a very inspiring person and already has about thirty youth books, poems, plays, books to learn reading. "

However, the meeting is not mandatory to proceed to Step 2, which consists of offering a half-day internship to several herbal booksellers during the summer: "The young people will be paired with a bookseller. We will show them the role of a bookseller, research, how to make recommendations to people according to their requests, how to find the right book that meets their needs. "

Valuing the profession

After "Rimous'qui'lit" last summer, the young bookseller of L'Alphabet wanted to invest again in a project that links the bookstore and her community: "Rimous'qui'lit allowed to make known the people and entrepreneurs from here. This time, I also wanted it to touch young people, to awaken them to the taste and passion of the book. "

Ms. Francoeur explains that the underlying idea is also to enhance the profession of bookseller, especially with young people. "We also want to show, with the giants like Amazon taking more and more place in the field, why independent bookstores are important and why it's important to have booksellers who know the trade and who are there to advise the readers. "

Budding Booksellers is part of a project of the Quebec Booksellers Association, which operates with funding provided by the Cultural Enterprise Development Corporation (SODEC).

Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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