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From January to June this year, 23 minors were arrested for drug offenses.

From January to June this year, 23 minors were arrested for drug offenses.

For some time now, children have been targeted by big drug traffickers. Used for the transportation and sale of merchandise, many will not get away with it if they do not find the support of concerned parents or adults. Story of an exception …

In the first six months of this year alone, 23 juveniles were arrested for drug offenses, while for the entire year 2018, there were 57 arrests. Two six-year-old and nine-year-old children were arrested when they got off the plane in early May for transporting drugs in their bags. Last week, a 15-year-old girl was shackled while carrying 21 doses of synthetic drugs, from Bamboos to Black River. A few days earlier, another 15-year-old was arrested during a search at his home. Sixty doses of ready-to-deliver synthetic drugs were seized. The two teenagers were placed in the juvenile detention center while the two children are still in a shelter, managed by the Child Development Unit.

What will become of these children, exploited by evil adults who think only of getting rich? Are they doomed to sink into the traffic and consumption of this poison that is infesting our country more and more? Will their arrest be a second chance for them? Will they find, like this young man whose story follows, adults to put them back on the right path? He is "Ti Sinwa", the nickname given by his friends from the state college he attended at the time.

For those close to him, he looked like a normal child and blossomed for his age, bringing home great results. But for those who know him in college, he is a real fury, "Difolter enn", "enn vander ladrog", the kind of person with whom we avoid at all costs to hang out after school hours, because we do not know when he can get caught by the police. Moreover, his arrest is the effect of a cold shower on his parents when the police landed at his home, a few years ago, with a search warrant.

Today, admitted to a university institution for studies in Business Administration, he is ashamed to return to his past. Just to look at it, nobody would know that he was already locked up for possession of drugs or that he was, a few years ago, a trafficker. Yet, thanks to his parents and two college principals, he escaped and was healthy again by changing schools, places and lifestyles.

"I was suggestible"

"Ti Sinwa" remembers that at the beginning of college, he was not at all a trafficker and did not know drugs. But his associates and his character quickly changed. "At school, I was nobody. I was small, they often laughed at me because my parents came to drop me. But I was also an impressionable kid. I was the target of the traffickers who came regularly near the college at the end of classes. "

It is with the approach of traffickers that he begins to make friends. "When I was leaving college, I remember that I always passed near them to meet me. And then, one day, it happened. We became 'friends'. They paid me a coke and we made jokes. Then, one day, they took me with them to deliver drugs in a suburb of Port-Louis. I was happy, I felt important, Explain "Ti Sinwa".

One day, his "friends" ask him if he can sell synthetic drugs in college. He willingly accepts. He gets lots of customers and juggles with the money. He consumes too. Even the rector of the college knows that he is doing this, but the staff are afraid of him because of the people he frequents. "Many college students have had to change colleges because of me"says the young man.

One day, as he returns at around 7 pm, bloodhounds of theAnti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) land at his home. He's freaking out because he knows he has synthetic drug doses on him. But anxiety prevents him from moving. "They found drugs in my bag. I still remember the face of my parents. They were upset and my mother kept crying. I was taken to the ADSU office and detained in the juvenile center of Petite-Rivière. It was a nightmare for me, for my family. Those whom I considered as my friends had let me go. During my interrogation, I realized that I did not know anything about them ", says the young man.

After a lot of struggle and with the help of his parents, he was able to cope. They took him to Australia, where he did a rehab, and they returned to Mauritius to restore his self-confidence.

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