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Thomas Dutronc is in concert this Monday, July 8 in Carcassonne and will be at the beginning of October in Lunel, in the Hérault.

You have taken over the last few weeks the path of the stage with tonight a stop at the Festival of Carcassonne …

Yes, that's it, we left for a long summer tour that takes us everywhere in France. The idea is to defend the disc Live is love released at Blue note last fall … which is itself a live record! Original no? (smile)

You will also be performing in Lunel in the Hérault in October but this time as part of the Internationales de la guitare.

Indeed. I will play in small formation with two fabulous musicians that are Stochelo Rosenberg and Rocky Gresset. And I announce it already, it will be an evening where Django will be the king of the party!

How did this passion for gypsy jazz come to you?

I always listened to rap and funk, but at 17, I discovered jazz and especially gypsy jazz, and there I fell madly of Django Reinhardt. His guitar playing, his virtuosity and the harmony of his chords, still today, fascinate me.

And apart from Django Reinhardt?

I also love Georges Brassens, Jimi Hendrix, Nat King Cole and many bluesmen such as Lightnin'Hopkins, John Lee Hooker or BB King that I listen to, I admit, less often.

What would you have liked to do if you had not been a musician?

I dreamed myself at a film director's moment. But my mother (Ndlr: Françoise Hardy), she would have seen me embrace a scientific profession. It must be said that at school I was pretty good at math and physics; I could have, no doubt, made sup and special (note: current preparatory classes in math). I have always been amazed by the infinitely large and the infinitely small. And there is only that in the music!

Besides, what place does music occupy in your life?

It's my drug! (Laughter) I play an average of four to five hours a day, regardless of my schedule. But most of all, I enjoy the evenings spent doing beef with friends. I am interested in all kinds of music and I am especially curious to discover new worlds. On the other hand, I find that we are used, on the radio in particular, too much commercial music, without much interest. In fact, I feel good with unconventional people looking to think outside the box and to access different musical minds.

I especially enjoy the evenings spent making beef with friends

If you have not been a film director, you have composed several film scores …

That's right ! I wrote three or four of them, including that of Daniel Auteuil's film Lovers of my wife, released last year. And there, I just finished the music of the next romantic comedy Meliane Marcaggi Beautiful girl with Alexandra Lamy and Jonathan Zaccaï. What I like about film music is that I can invite my buddies to work with me. And it's always very nice; especially since, as a rule, we recorded with family at Fred Jaillard, a multi-instrumentalist and arranger of talent with whom I worked especially on the album Comme un manouche sans guitare.

After Gainsbourg's "Chez les yé-yé" on the album "Éternels until Tomorrow", you take Lennon's "Love" on "Live is love" …

… I think Love has a hovering and cool side. I am always looking for songs that can bring an extra soul both on a record and at concerts. Moreover, currently, I'm working on What a shame Fleetwood Mac that could well integrate a future setlist.

You are rather CD or vinyl?

I argue for the return of the vinyl record because the quality of listening is much better than that of a CD. But I consider that it is useless to have vinyls if we do not have the right equipment to listen to them. The soul of sound goes through the quality of the material. Today, streaming greatly reduces the nature of the songs, but I am hopeful that the arrival of 5G addresses this problem.

Are you paying attention to the aesthetics of things?

Yes. I like beautiful objects. At home, my parents have always been sensitive to the harmony of the place, to the point of painting the walls and ceilings of our house Hallé street entirely in black. Only my room was painted white (laugh). Even the house of Monticello in Corsica, which was designed by an architect, is beautifully designed. My father (Editor's note: Jacques Dutronc) has furnished it with superb design pieces by Knoll, including a canopy table and a beautiful sofa.

What is your view of the world today?

I find that people live more and more badly, that the human being loses its importance and that the aggressiveness continues to increase … On the other hand, I find interesting the arrival of the new technologies. If social networks are often outrageous places, they are also spaces of freedom where everyone can express themselves; and that, from a philosophical point of view, it is far from negligible!

What is the definition of seduction for you?

Wow! (long silence) It is I think to be attentive and respectful of the other, and especially to take a step back on things! And in this area, I consider that intelligence is much more important than the physical. In fact, my definition of seduction, it could be: to have the soul in the wind. Sounds good no? (laugh burst).

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