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It is thanks to anonymous and concordant information, surveillance and testimony that the gendarmes put an end to drug trafficking that flourished for two years between January 2017 and June 2019 in Vence and Saint-Jeannet.

Several young dealers, often minors, are arrested.

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They all refer to the man they call "Tonton", a middle-aged man who runs a network selling cannabis resin. They also evoke his companion, Fathia, 41, who is said "She sells a little bit, but nothing bad!"

A family affair, in a way, because during a hideout, one observes his own daughter, minor, counting the tickets inside a car parked at the location of … conveyors of funds, in face of a BNP agency!

There is also the relay of minors, often college or high school students around schools.

He cultivated "little feet"

"Uncle" is arrested at his home, where investigators find 5,000 euros in small denominations and a plantation of ten feet of cannabis.

"Very small feet, not very high", surprised Vincent Rappa, a 44-year-old Grasse, aka "Tonton", who appeared last Monday with his girlfriend, before the Criminal Court of Grasse chaired by Pierre Kuentz.

The magistrate also pointed out to him that "usually all feet start small before pushing big!"

He asks the defendant where the money is found. After having denied the facts to the investigators, he recognizes them at the hearing and specifies, concerning the minors he was recruiting: "Everyone took his ticket, it was small quantities, a few grams.I will not look for pounds in Italy, as some have said".

As for the money, it was according to him the fruit of gardening works "black".

His companion was free at the bar. She is a cleaning lady and recognizes: "We do not have the same hours, we've known each other for 20 years, I did not want to know anything."

"How can you claim to be unaware of his traffic?"asks the president.

"I had blinkers to have no problem with him", confesses Fathia, whose criminal record includes eight mentions, especially for flight in meeting.

"My wife has nothing to do with all that, it's me, it was easy money"protests "Uncle", who has already 22 lines to his locker, for concealment, violence in meetings, robbery in meeting, death threats, escape …

"Uncle" gets 30 months in prison

For the prosecutor, Marie-Nina Valli, these are facts where we can consider that "It is very ugly and very ugly to have put your own daughter as a cashier and to take advantage of young minors to make her traffic prosper." As for the companion, she enjoys cash income while pretending to see nothing ".

It requires four years in prison with detention and 50,000 euros fine against Vincent Rappa, and two years in prison, one suspended and put to the test and 20,000 euros fine for his companion.

For the defense, Me Bertrand Dubois will plead "Investigations that leave little room for doubt, but we must appreciate this file to its true extent.You are in very small quantities, you are not dealing with large-scale traffic."

The court will sentence Vincent to 30 months in prison with detention and Fathia to 12 months suspended.

Herb Approach

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