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Tourism evenings: the two where you had to be last night

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June 26, 2019


June 26, 2019


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The docks of Paris went into tourism mode last night to celebrate the arrival of summer by bringing together a public of professionals in the welcome coolness of the banks of the Seine. On one side the tour operator O'voyages with the presence of two great French champions, on the other the AFST (Seniors of tourism) and their traditional summer pot.

The counselors present were thus able to feast (literally and figuratively) on the new OVoyages production, full of novelties and surprises, helped by the loyal and dynamic partners Tels Leclerc Voyages, Visit California among others and especially supported by the presence of two undisputed champions: Brahim Asloum, Boxing Olympic Champion and World Champion WBA and Camille Lacourt, swimmer five times world and European champion.

" Ôvoyages therefore launches its concept of sports immersions that will allow customers to spend their holidays in full connection with a world or Olympic championexplains Raouf Benslimane, president of the tour operator, " who will not only teach but also discuss his discipline and experiences".

The traditional summer pot of the AFST in Vedettes de Paris

Earlier in the evening, the Seniors of tourism, at the Port of Suffren, had made an appointment for a Moroccan dinner on the banks of the Seine.

" In the opinion of all, the friendly side, the aspect "meetings" and "exchanges" are what makes the interest and the characteristic of this meeting dedicated to the Members of the AFST, an association of more than 1000 members now "Says Michel Messager, the president of the AFST.

A hot and hot summer evening that brought together young and old tourism professionals in front of their respective scenes, before dj's and singers of soul music ignited for good Paris night.


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