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ELLE.fr. Can you introduce your new novel?
Adèle Bréau. If we had to make an equation, I would say "Chocolate pickles" + "La Boum 1" x "Diabolo Mint" = "The smell of pot glue" (in all humility).

ELLE.fr. The fixed telephone, the Flik Flak, the tapes, but also the TV of the Unknown, Madame is served or the election of Edith Cresson …. "The smell of pot glue" is like a treasure box that reminds us of the good memories of the '90s. Why is this time dear to your heart?
Adèle Bréau. What interests me in the character of Caroline, who is 13 years old in 1991, is that she is part of a generation that will have really known before and after the acceleration of the world, which is recorded in my opinion around 1995 with the arrival of the Tam-Tam, then the laptops and the Internet, which have installed the individuality in the human relations, and this uninterrupted flow of confidential conversations, info accessible at any moment , answers to everything, sex free access. Caroline does not know much about life, and has few people to turn to to answer the many questions she asks herself. She grew up at a time when we still had a single wired phone that we shared with our family, six TV channels and where boredom was an integral part of our lives, which is no longer the case . Was it better, less well? I'm not necessarily nostalgic of everything but it seemed interesting to tell this generation cut between two epochs so different, who grew up in a way that will no longer exist.

ELLE.fr. You have had to dive back into your own adolescence to write this book. Are the memories brought back naturally?
Adèle Bréau. Yes, I really decided to write the book the day I read an interview with Riad Sattouf who spoke about Esther, her great teenager who tells so much about our society. He said in speaking of his own adolescence: "I remember everything". Me too, I remember everything (and yet, I have never managed to learn the list of departments beyond Ain, Aisne, Allier, while I tried hundreds of times!). Odors, the shape of the doorknobs in my classrooms, the thickness of the curtains in their huge windows, the sweaters worn by a student in the EMT class on a spring day, the ball I had in the throat a little bit all the time. I thought it would be nice to transcribe these memories before they fly away. I love LOL articles about the 90s but I wanted to make them a soft, a little poetic, and to enclose these reminiscences.

"It seemed interesting to me to tell this generation cut between two so different times, which grew in a way that will no longer exist. "

ELLE.fr. Moving, first love, divorce of parents … Caroline knows many emotional upheavals, which remind us that adolescence is not a very rosy period. How did you live this period?
Adèle Bréau. Not so bad, finally. I believe that during this period, we all live a little roller coaster. There are huge sorrows that seem forever insurmountable to joys just as gigantic because a boy crossed in Spanish lessons invited us to dance a slow. We often say that we would like to be finally grown up, because we are in full moulting. But we live things with an intensity that we rarely reach afterwards.

ELLE.fr. Finally, it's cooler to be an adult?
Adèle Bréau. What is nice when we go back into his adolescence, and this is what the book manages to do, is that, despite the worries of everyday life, the mental load, the first wrinkles and children who crush their cakes everywhere, our boss who takes our head or our problems of couple, one realizes that one has nevertheless gained confidence in us, with the years. We spend our time saying, "I do not want to get old, it was so much better before! ". Bha no, not necessarily. With time, we know each other better and better, we are less afraid of others, of our own reactions. And then, often, we think that the girl we were would be quite proud of the one we have become. Finally, my book is quite feel-good 🙂

ELLE.fr. Your first three novels (The Court of Great, The Boys' Games and The Holiday Duties) are a trilogy. Can we hope for a sequel to "The smell of pot glue"?
Adèle Bréau. Without spoiler, it's true that after writing the epilogue, I thought I'd like to know what happened to these characters. Honestly, why not!

ELLE.fr. Aside from "The smell of potty glue" – obviously – which book (s) will you recommend to a teenager today?
Adèle Bréau. To a girl: "See you tomorrow Sylvie" by Henri Troyat, whom I read 100,000 times. "Hello sadness," Sagan. More recently, the sad porn "Nos étoiles contraires". Oh, and then "Chocolate pickles", of course!

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