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Gerzat, Puy-de-Dome, France

As every year, May 1 rhymes with lily of the valley. April is coming to an end and the lily of the valley is blooming everywhere at florists, supermarkets and even around the corner. Lucky flower, symbol of spring and Labor Day, lily of the valley represents each year in France a market of 90 million euros. In horticulturists, lily of the valley jars are already shipped. As at Gémaflor, at Patrick Goutepiffre, horticulturist at Gerzat near Clermont-Ferrand.

The lily of the valley jars are ready to be sent to Gemaflor. - Radio France
The lily of the valley jars are ready to be sent to Gemaflor. © Radio France
Claudie Hamon

2 to 3% of spring activity

Under the 15,000 m2 greenhouse, spring flowers blossom. The company Gémaflor cultivates about 50 000 claws that sells in jars of three or four strands. More than 95% of its thrush thus "forced" is pre-sold at dealers in the region. "Lily of the valley represents only 2 or 3% of our spring activity, far behind the traditional geraniums and other chrysanthemums says Patrick Goutepiffre, the boss of Gemaflor. It is a complementary production. "

Additional production - Radio France
Complementary production © Radio France
Claudie Hamon

A shortage of claws because of the drought

The company Gémaflor buys claws in the region of Nantes, they can also come from Holland. But for two years, the market of the claw is down because of the dry summers. This causes a shortage of lily of the valley in pots. "Even at our level in Clermont-Ferrand we have trouble meeting the demand for lily of the valley regrets Patrick Goutepiffre. On the other hand, the quality of the upper lily of the valley is excellent"The advantage with lily of the valley is that you can replant it, do not worry if your replanted lily does not bloom right away, the" forcing "has exhausted it, it will take two years .

Herb Approach

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