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The investigation into the two seizures of cocaine at the Autonomous Port of Dakar reached its cruising speed with the arrest on Tuesday of Fabrice TURE who is none other than the Director General of Dakar Terminal by the customs administration in charge of the investigation.

His arrest follows the first seizure of 238 kg in four (04) Renault Kwid brand vehicles from the port of Paranagua, in transit and parked in the car park of the terminal under his jurisdiction. His civil and criminal manager is engaged in his capacity as the first person in charge of Dakar Terminal, we are enlightened.

What seems intriguing to the investigators is that during the first seizure, the "Grande Africa" ​​vessel of Grimaldi unloaded the said vehicles in transit on the terminal waiting for their re-boarding or transhipment in another vessel for their final destination. It was when the ship resumed the waters that the customs officers exploited concrete information about the presence of drugs in the trunks of parked vehicles.

Similarly, because of its status as a concessionaire of the rolling stock traffic, Dakar Terminal has the exclusive rights to handle all ro-ro vessels serving Dakar, including that of Greater Nigeria on which it has been found 798 kg. cocaine. Seizure revealed exclusively by Dakaractu.

The customs in application of the legislation in this matter considers Dakar Terminal as involved in this traffic. It is for this reason that its officials incur the same penalties, salaries and fines as the alleged perpetrators.

As a reminder, Dakar Terminal is a subsidiary of the Bolloré group created in 2013. It is the exclusive concessionaire for the processing of all ro-ro traffic in the Dakar Autonomous Port. Prior to his appointment as CEO of Dakar Terminal, Fabrice TURE held the position of Chief Operating Officer of the Bolloré group in Dakar.

According to a source close to the file contacted by Dakaractu, the director general of Dakar Terminal denies the guilt of its structure and refuses to compromise. Until when ?

The prosecutor on the spot

At the same time, we learn that the Prosecutor of the Republic, Serigne Bassirou Gueye was seen yesterday at the port of Dakar. He has, for this purpose, met the investigators before visiting the drug which is monitored by the National Gendarmerie.

The rover "Grande Nigeria" which took the departure at the port of Santos, Brazil and made a stopover at that of Paranagua where the vehicles containing the 798 kilos of cocaine seized in Dakar were embarked, also hosted the prosecutor. This visit by the prosecutor follows that of the Minister in charge of Finance. Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo, on the occasion of this descent, gave an idea of ​​the cost of two drug seizures and talks about fifty billion CFA Francs.

Strengthening security at the Port of Dakar

Moreover, it is clear that the State of Senegal has taken this case very seriously.

It comes back from our sources that indeed, security has been strengthened within the walls of the Port of Dakar and in the surrounding areas. Armed agents on wheels are deployed inside to watch the grain.

Outside the customs barrier, police have increased their presence and are taking the time necessary to control the vehicles. This means that we now have to show white paw to access the terminals. In addition, our sources report that all the gendarmes who were on duty this weekend, during the seizure of the 798 kilos of cocaine aboard the Grande Nigeria vessel of Grimaldi were recorded.

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