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From gardener's memory, never had a second week of Wimbledon opened on such a moat. The "Manic Monday" poster brings together three extraterrestrials and intermittents. A trio of legends and strange old fighters. Between Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and the rest of the survivors stand 53 Grand Slam titles. Of these, four have never breathed the scent of a major eighth final (Humbert, Pella, Kukushkin, Berrettini). Even though Nishikori and Raonic maintain the illusion of a "middle class" (a GC final each), this Wimbledon tells a growing inequality. The Big Three is aging well. There is him and the rest of the world.

In fact, only five of the first sixteen seeds held their rank. The hecatomb is too big to go unnoticed. "The first explanation that comes to me is that the level between the 20th and 50th world is almost identical, Roger Federer analysis. And then, with this grass a little different this year, the young people were trapped. This is normal, it takes time to master the subtleties of this surface. I remind you that I lost three times in my first four Wimbledon. "

A slower grass

"The Master" points to the inexperience of the new challengers and the evolution of the playing field. If the first track is based on concrete (eliminations of Thiem, Zverev, Tsitsipas), it comes up against the failure of the " old specialists "(Anderson, Isner, Cilic, Simon). And what about the Frenchman Ugo Humbert (21 years old, 66 ATP), opponent of Novak Djokovic tonight when he had not played a single match on grass before the tournament!

The second track suggests that if Pella, Sousa, Verdasco or Sandgren get into the Top 16 of Wimbledon, it is inevitable that the ball no longer fuse much. A theory that found a particularly convincing lawyer in the person of Milos Raonic. "Since coming here (2011), the speed of the courts has been decreasing. Today, conditions are clearly faster at the US Open and Australia. From what I understood, they chose a blade of grass that grows X, so that its structure slows the ball. It's a deliberate move that has totally changed grass tennis. "

To put it simply, the ball no longer fires at Church Road, it stops. This favors overtones and flat play (Kukushkin, Bautista, Goffin) but also athletes able to adjust precisely to the thread of ever longer exchanges (Sandgren, Sousa, Pella). This theory, Rafael Nadal does not want to hear it anymore. "For me, grass has not moved since 2003." Really? "As I also found the slow and soft courts in the first two rounds, I asked Tim Henman. He assures me that nothing has changed in their preparation, explains Roger Federer. In my opinion, these lands look like vines. You can treat them the same way, they react each year differently to the weather conditions. And the result varies, like a wine. "

Slow motion or not, the grass of this Wimbledon 2019 will remain unique for a handful of surprise guests. Did Mikhail Kukushkin, Ugo Humbert, Tennys Sandgren, Guido Pella and João Sousa ever dream of "Manic Monday"? We doubt it. They will play a final; the match of their season, even that of a life. Meanwhile, next to or in front of them, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, will try to save forces. (Nxp)

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Herb Approach

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