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Cannabis use should not only be decriminalized in Switzerland, the market should also be regulated. The Federal Commission for Addiction Issues recommends adapting the Narcotic Drugs Act on the basis of new reports.

Cannabis use in Switzerland has changed little over the last ten years in Switzerland. Despite frequent use, the percentage of users with problematic consumption is low, reports the commission Tuesday on the basis of four new reports.

The risks are mainly related to the high dosage of THC, to early use, to prolonged use, to use in smoke and with tobacco, and in case of pre-existing psychopathology. The ban limits the measures to be taken to reduce risks and broaden prevention.

Switzerland should legalize and regulate the market while protecting as much as possible the health of its population, especially young people. There should also be some control over the market. Regulation of the cannabis market will also facilitate scientific research and access to cannabinoids for medical purposes.

New knowledge

So far, the commission has recommended decriminalization of cannabis use, accompanied by strict regulation of sales and production, with a strong focus on youth protection. The knowledge on cannabis and its active ingredients have evolved a lot in recent years, she says.

In many countries, cannabis has been legalized and regulated and its production has been professionalized. In addition, information is available on the effectiveness of preventive measures and harm reduction.

No precise model

The commission does not impose a precise regulatory model. It considers that detailed implementing measures must be laid down by the Confederation and the cantons. For regulation to be useful for prevention, the product should contain moderate doses of THC.

The committee is also in favor of including in the drug law an article on pilot projects, as provided for by the Federal Council. Cannabis use is in principle prohibited and punishable since 1951.

The government's intention is to allow pilot testing for up to 10 years and for scientific purposes only. They should provide lessons on the effects of drugs on the health of consumers, the drug market, the protection of youth and public safety.

But the commission goes further than the government. For her, it is necessary to continue research projects in real contexts and to observe the experience of countries already engaged in this way. The research will provide pragmatic and scientifically based answers to these questions.

Mostly men

Cannabis with more than 1% THC remains the most abused illegal substance in Switzerland, according to one of the reports published. Consumption is much more prevalent among men as well as among adolescents and young adults. The majority of users are occasional users. About 1% of the adult population recognizes frequent uses, 20 days or more per month. (Ps / nxp)

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