Soccer. The lights are green at the AEG – Ergué-Gabéric – Shipping Marijuana Online Vancouver Canada

During the assembly of the AEG, Hervé Herry addressed Tuesday the future of equipment dedicated to football in Croas Spern.
During the assembly of the AEG, Hervé Herry addressed Tuesday the future of equipment dedicated to football in Croas Spern.

"A great sporting season, the club progresses and solidarity is established. With more than 200 licensees, budding football, futsal and foot chair make a good connection, it's thanks to you ". With these words, Daniel Podeur, the president of AEG football, opened the club's general meeting at the end of the 2018-2019 season, Tuesday night, at Ty Kreis, in Ergué-Gabéric.

"I liked the past season and consistency in the results of seniors. A new season starts with new goals but with a sports organization that continues in the company of Philippe Briand, Sylvain Cotten, Geoffrey Le Nerrant and many others, this is our axis of progress, "confirmed Pierre Marchand, the general coach of seniors.

Henri Mougenot, the former employee of the club, left for new adventures to Paris. "He has worked well with young people, we will organize differently with Calvin Bourhis and perhaps a second job in civic service. The employment of a club employee is perfect but financially binding, the club makes choices, "said the president.

Treasurer Laurent Tardy's finances are healthy with a balanced exercise. For its part, the secretary Florence Derrien recalled the progression of the number of licensees, especially at the football school. As for animation (Loto, pancake evening, material solidarity with Burkina-Faso), AEG volunteers are very involved.

World Women's Wards: "The big challenge of the season"

They will also quickly be concerned about the organization of the World Women's Wards scheduled from 21 to 24 May 2020 in Croas-Spern. "This is the big challenge of the season to come: to successfully host 9 teams, 180 girls and their educators on Ergué, find 90 families for accommodation and catering. Nine officials will be mobilized from the start, "said Daniel Podeur.

Concerning infrastructures, the mayor Hervé Herry has meant to the licensees of the AEG that "budgetary solutions presented themselves". "In Lestonan, the lighting will be realized and Croas Spern the stabilized ground will become synthetic, they are short-term solutions. The future of football will be discussed after the elections, we have ideas of course, we think about it, we will have to wait a bit to define the future of sport and recreation on Croas-Spern, "said the elected.

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