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Every Tuesday, the volunteers of the association Blue Funds clean the coast of Antibes. – Mr Frénois / ANP / 20 Minutes

The fishing was good? This is the question that Jean-Claude Alunni was asked when he came back to the beach after his apnea session. We would have liked him to take a sea bream and a sea urchin out of his net. But this former hunter-diver only came to the surface a pile of waste. With a dozen volunteers from the Blue Funds association, he cleans "every Tuesday" bathing areas of
Antibes Juan-les-Pins.

The trigger was three years ago: "By dint of diving and seeing garbage, we wanted to pick them up, says Jean-Jacques Fieschi, the other diver, co-founder of the association. We do not pretend to clean the sea. But if we can pass a message of ecological prevention, it is already that. "

The duo began with the macrodechets: wrecks of Cap d'Antibes, tires stuck in the dyke, containers, supermarket trolleys, sinks, vacuum cleaners. "These are not things that fly away and are found by chance in the sea, rattles Jean-Jacques Fieschi. People have intentionally thrown them away. "

Slate and flowerpot

This week, in the nets of divers, about 30 kg of waste collected after dozens of apneas. For nearly two hours, the small team raked a large area like a half-football pitch, close to the beaches of Juan-les-Pins.

They put together a tap, a pot of flowers, cans, straws, plastic cups … And had to leave at the bottom, especially plastic already decomposing and butts: "When cigarettes are thrown into the gutter, they end up in the fluvial water pipes and then in the sea. And it's over, point Jean-Jacques Fieschi. It's impossible to pick up. Afterwards, it is the fish that will eat them. And we will have "Marlboro scorpion fish". "

To avoid arriving at these new kinds of fish, cities are taking over the cleaning. And prevention. In Villeneuve-Loubet for example, "152 tons of waste were removed on the beaches and in the ears of rock," announces the town. Two days of action are planned in May and June before the summer period and the arrival of tourists. For its part, the city of Cannes has taken measures to prohibit the use of plastic cups and forks in its beach kiosks.

Herb Approach

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