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Bameron Nicole Smith is a victim of transphobia since she committed a disgusting act in a chain store Walmart. In the video filmed by a friend, we see her take a bottle of mouthwash in the shelves, open it, take a sip of the product, do some gargles and spit the used product into the bottle, before putting it back on the shelf. Watch the video of this act which is part of a new trend in social media.

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She makes gargles with mouthwash and spits out in the bottle

A few days ago, a woman filmed herself opening a ice cream in a supermarket, lick the ice and put it back in the freezer. The video had made the buzz and although it had been widely criticized, she also emulated. With the same style Bameron Nicole Smith was filming spitting mouthwash in the bottle of Listerine. She then posted the video on Twitter with comments: "It's for you, the sluts without oral hygiene". The video has totaled 18 million views, while it has only 1560 subscribers. If his goal was to make the buzz, she succeeded. Except that she also just learned what the ransom of glory was, especially when one is known to have committed a stupid act. Internet users shocked by his act, began to write transphobic insults. "Here's another good one for the prison. I hope you'll have fun with your new cellmates. " "People like her are the reason why people hate LGBT people. " Others question theauthenticity images and think that this is a premeditated act and staged. Indeed, the bottles of Listerine are normally sealed by a plastic film around the cap.

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This video follows the trend of opening products in stores and putting them back on the shelf

Another infuenceur, who calls himself Larz on social networks, and who seems to be a friend of Bameron, claims to be behind this trend of opening products in shops and test them. He had posted a video in which he could be seen eating ice cream by hand, directly in the jar, before putting it back in the refrigerator. It seems that more than insults to stop this little band trying to get noticed by opening products without buying them. Larz who uses the pseudo GayShawnMendes, receives in his case many homophobic insults. As for brands, it warns consumers and advises them to be vigilant. The ice pots are always sealed by a seal.

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Credits: Twitter / bameronkaii, Twitter / GAYSHAWNMENDES, Jam Press

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