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The announcement of future therapeutic zamal trials, by the Drug Authority, is not in the ears of a deaf person. All actors mobilized around zamal are preparing. A first meeting has already been held between the Chamber of Agriculture, the Hemp Runion Association and the Armeflhor. The opportunity to define together the technical details in case the Runion would become land of experimentation. This is also what all these actors claim from the government, the it is a favorable ground to grow zamal. (Photo illustration rb /

The Medicines Authority has recently announced it: it is seriously investigating an experiment in therapeutic cannabis by 2020. Even though the institution is still waiting for the Minister of Health's fire, it is likely that next year, several French departments will host these test phases. And the actors mobilized on the island are the first to claim an experiment here.

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"For now, the Runion does not appear in the departments selected for these tests," says Olivier Fontaine, Secretary General of the Chamber of Agriculture. "It's a shame, because everything would be ready to launch these experiments on the island."

During a meeting held on Wednesday, July 3, the Chamber of Agriculture has defined several technical axes in the company of Armeflhor and the Association Hemp Runion. Together, they worked "on the design of a technical and professional project relating to a potential hemp thread La Runion".

Very technical questions

For a project for the moment hypothetical, the points around this meeting were quite technical: what variety to grow, under glass or in the fields, what surfaces are available, how to adapt to the climate …

"In the case of therapeutic zamal, we are no longer working on the seed or the fiber, but on the cannabis flower," says Benjamin Coudriet, president of the Chanvre Runion Association. For him the development of zamal, at least therapeutic at first, would represent "a strong model while one is in full rotation of cultures". To replace the cane, he does not believe it, but the culture of zamal could garner important economic resources.

Another important point, he says, is that it is a plant that does not require any herbicide. Good news, while La Runion is the second largest user department of glyphosate in France.

A future field of experimentation?

Objective shared by all these actors: The Runion must be a field of experimentation. So far, it is already home to "test" fields for cultivating non-psychotropic cannabis species, which are therefore not subject to the control of the authorities. Benjamin Coudriet says: "France is the biggest producer of industrial hemp". Cannabis for cosmetics, textiles or construction. In all there are 16,000 hectares of industrial hemp in France. And his economic interest is no longer proving.

All the more reason for the Association Hemp Runion to embark on these tests of zamal therapy. "On the production side, we could really position ourselves as an interesting field, we are the only French region that has this variety of cannabis called zamal."

The growing conditions here could be interesting. "We can consider high returns, job creations, new training … on all levels could be rewarding," adds Benjamin Coudriet.

Now, you need a plan. And this plan must be accepted by the Ministers of Overseas, Agriculture and Health. "We are planning a new meeting at the end of July", informs Olivier Fontaine of the Chamber of Agriculture. As the privileged interlocutor between the agricultural world and the public services, he assumes the complete claim of therapeutic zamal on the island. "The questions are on the table, we'll see what happens."


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