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Thea lady with whom The sun The interview is visibly disturbed, even several days after these events. Since the beginning of secondary school, her child is in the same private school, Saint-Charles-Garnier. Now we have to find a new school where the teenager can finish her year and pass her Ministry of Education exams.

We could have named this woman, named her daughter as well. Given her age and the whirlwind she is in, we felt it would not add to the substance of the debate.

This is not only the case of which the mother discusses. She wants to bounce back on this personal story so that we can talk cannabis to school now that the stuff is sold commercially. Like alcohol and cigarettes.

"Expulsion is definitely not the way to fix it," she says. "It requires punishment, consequences. There is no one who says the opposite, me first. […] But, there is no second chance? "

"She has been using a drug that is legal. The only crime, at the limit, is not to be old enough to consume it. […] Will they put out all the kids who smoke cigarettes and come in with a package? "

A suspension would have been enough to encourage reflection, she said. "To exclude children is not the answer."


As a mother, she would have preferred the school environment to offer support and guidance. The condemnation to exile will not have the desired effects, she judges.

Adolescence is a period of experimentation, trial-error, argues our interlocutor. The threat of dismissal would not weigh heavily when some are tempted by the unknown: "They will not stop taking drugs. […] Are you going to fire everyone who takes drugs? "

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Convinced that her daughter is treated unfairly, the woman first wanted to bring the case to court. She finally made the choice to stop hostilities, to move on by signing the end of the contract that bound her to school. "I said to myself," After that, she will go back to school under what conditions. "

But she remains certain that the consequence for her daughter is disproportionate to the crime. And invite other parents to jump into the debate: "It can happen to any parent. […] Especially now that it's legalized. "

Herb Approach

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