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The price is not within the reach of everyone. Is not a consumer of coke that wants. For cause One gram is worth in the Rs 15,000 and one dose in the Rs 3,000. And, while investigators suspect that the majority of the 95 kilos of cocaine, estimated at Rs 1.4 billion, seized Wednesday was destined for the exporting – or re-exporting – there are many people here who "Sniff a line" or who "Smoke a shot". Who are they ? of the "Gran palto" mostly…

Moreover in the circles of theAnti Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU), the coke is called "the drug of the rich ". Those who consume them are for the most part "People of the high", says a bloodhunter. There areoldCertainly, but also young people from well-to-do backgrounds.

Because the few times this hard drug was seized in Mauritius, it was during rave parties. "Kan nou'nn fer operation dan bann baz-la ki nou'nn won his. Ek ki bann dimounn ki al his bann party-la? Sé pa bann ti pov, looses an ADSU officer. Coke is mainly used as a stimulant. Pou kapav kraz the nwit-la! " There are many ways to consume the white powder. Via the nostrils, to start but also smoking. Then, "Some inject it like heroin, under the eyelid or in the gums."

Iqbal, graphic designer, and Ludovic, technician in a private firm (Given names), are aged 28 and 32 respectively. They have already tried the experiment. One thing is certain: it is difficult to get one and it does not cost a dime. "In one dose vann Rs 3,000 spoke. Bizin pos plin to serve li sa. "

Why spend so much money on an illicit and dangerous substance? "To hover. Parfwa, by the way, beli nisa ki mas … To tann pri-la, to dir to sey enn kout, bizin bon zafer. Me nisa la pa tro lwin ek bann lezot. "

With the record seizure of 95 kilos of cocaine worth more than one billion rupees, the two men are unanimous in saying that the white powder will be more rare on the market. But also that the price will skyrocket. "Vo pli ki lor blan sa!"

The figures according to the ADSU

In 2017, some 500 g of cocaine were seized while in 2018, it was between 3 and 5 kg.

What is the difference between heroin and cocaine?

How to differentiate "hero" from coke? According to ADSU Chief Inspector Nawshad Mudhoo, heroin is derived directly from pure opium. Which, in the laboratory, becomes morphine, widely used as a sedative. When it is half synthesized, opium becomes heroin. "Very addictive, this drug was once used to treat people with psychiatric disordersThe heroine comes mostly from Asia, Pakistan and Iran, among others.

Cocaine is a derivative of the plant called coca. Produced from the leaves, it is white in its pure state. "It's just as addictive as heroin and causes many complicationsCoke is mostly produced in South America.

How are things going at customs?

The bigger it is, the more it's acceptable. This is what has been whispering across the country since this week's "big" seizure. How is it that 95 kilos of coke are caught between the net and the port? Are the nets pierced? Are the verifications only powder in the eyes?

The Hoegh Antwerp, flying the Bahamian flag (NdlR, Bahamas) docked on July 4 with two iron masses that would mark the history of Mauritius: the first tram of the Metro Express project. But also with the biggest cargo of cocaine ever seized so far at home. If Mauricio landed with great fanfare, the JCB containing the white powder, it has passed all the steps regarding the procedures established at the port.

How's it going ? First, a driver drives the ship's backhoe loader and the station to the vehicle location for the first check. A port employee, accompanied by a representative from the importing agency / company, ticks the first boxes of the checklist.

Armed with a document issued by the agency or company in question, the chassis numbers and other distinctive signs of the vehicle are scrutinized. If all goes well, the vehicle proceeds to the delivery department. Despite the name, it is only long after the customer can take possession of his vehicle.

In this department, the representative of the agency submits a document issued by the sender of the vehicle. Information such as brand, price, etc. must match documents in the possession of "delivery" employees.

Then the customs officers come in. Until then, the vehicle could contain drugs, explosives or stowaways without anyone caring or knowing. Customs officers check the vehicles from top to bottom. Under the hood, in the doors, between the wheels … It even happens that they dismantle the seats. What happened with the JCB? "You know, they do not always pay attention. With containers, it's the same… "admits an internal source, without giving details. Are the nets of the customs thus pierced? The investigation will tell …

The JCB in all this?

Why did the traffickers choose a JCB to transport the 95 kilos of heroin? "At this point we can not say, given that the sponsors have not yet been traced (Editor's note, Saturday, July 13) »

However, continues our source within ADSU, to avoid being caught, traffickers must innovate each time. "Zot evolve ek letan. This may be the first time we hear about JCB. Maybe it's because 'internal' parts are more difficult to access. "

In addition, there have been cases where drugs have been found in shock absorbers. In the case of Navind Kistnah, the drug was found in cylinders. "Each case is often unique, especially when it comes to large seizures. "

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