Seizure of 44 kilograms of kif treated and 2700 psychotropic drugs, 19 malefactors neutralized – Order CBD Online Mississauga Canada

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The National Security Services conducted in the wilayas of Ain Témouchent, Annaba, Ghardaïa and Boumerdès, operations of dismantling drug trafficking networks resulting in the seizure of 44 kilograms of kif treated, 2,700 tablets psychotropic drugs and the neutralization of 19 criminals indicated these same services, Saturday, in a statement.

In Annaba, the regional service against the illicit drug traffic, "dismantled a criminal network specialized in drug trafficking, consisting of 3 individuals, and seized 26.5 kg of kif treaty for commercialization", says the same source.

This operation took place following the interception of a truck at a checkpoint in downtown Souk Ahras, whose driver eventually revealed the identity of his two accomplices.

In the same context, the security services of the wilaya of Ain Témouchent put an end to the actions of a criminal network of drug trafficking composed also of 3 individuals, and recovered 13,750 kg of treated kif.

Exploiting information, the judicial police wilaya services set up a plan that led to the arrest of the mis en cause and the seizure of the amount of kif treaty.

On their side, the elements of the Security of the daïra of El Ménéa (Ghardaïa) proceeded to the arrest of 3 individuals and the seizure of 3,800 kg of kif treaty intended for the marketing.

It is following the interception of a vehicle in the center of El Ménéa on board which was discovered the quantity of drugs that this arrest took place and an open investigation, specifies the release.

Neutralization of 19 criminals and seizure of nearly 2,700 psychotropic tablets in Boumerdès

The brigade of fight against the drugs of the security of wilaya of Boumerdes put an end to the activities of 19 criminals, through different regions of the wilaya, besides the seizure of nearly 2,700 tablets of psychotropes, one learned, Saturday , to the direction of this safe body.

Aged between 17 and 60, these criminal gang elements were arrested following complaints by citizens about threats to their safety, that of their children and their property, because of these crimes. individuals, said at the APS, the officer in charge of the communication unit with the security of wilaya, police commissioner Krimou Touati.

The mis en cause have been brought to justice for judgment, he added the same source.

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