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A 33-year-old man was sentenced by the Melun Criminal Court after two successive discoveries of narcotics in his possession in Savigny-le-Temple.

Yesterday around 17h, a man was wounded by a bullet by his brother, who shot him with a handgun during a funeral at Carrières-sur-Seine (Yvelines). The author of the shots fled.
Illustration – The individual had been arrested twice in a row in Savigny-le-Temple (©

It is a 33 year old yellow haired man who appeared this Thursday, July 4th, in front of the Melun Criminal Court between three policemen. Un distinctive sign that is best avoided when one wants to make a career in drug trafficking at the risk of being easily identified by the investigators.

The man in question had already been arrested on June 19 and accused that day of being in possession of a bag containing 86 grams of grass and cannabis resin. The action had taken place, rue du Clocher in Savigny-le-Temple, in an empty apartment serving squat and rear base for traffic and especially the breeding of a dog.

"I came to see him and give him food"

It is besides this dog which was to serve as an alibi to the defendant to justify his presence in the flat: "I had come to see him and to give him to eat," he told the judges. "But then why did not you open the police patrol who was forced to break the door to call you? The president wondered.

No answer from the accused. Especially since other policemen had perfectly seen a man open the window of the apartment to swing a bag on a nearby roof; the famous bag containing 86 grams of drugs and also a little money. Placed in custody, the arrested kept his explanation: the dog.

Rescission revoked

Fifteen days later, July 2: rebelote! Same place, same circumstances with another patrol that grabbed in flag the yellow-haired man, always around the same activity. This time again he managed to swing the compromising bag into the corridors of the building just before his arrest. A bag that this time, in addition to 25 grams of cannabis, also contained € 325, which was certainly the result of a transaction that took place a few minutes before the police arrived.

The man with the already strong pedigree, condemned many times, has finally been 8 months in prison to which will be added the rest of the reprieve hovering above his head.

J-F. C.

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