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The leisure center of the Moulin des Prés, in Saint-Rémy-la-Vanne, is one of the favorite places for the Briards during the summer. And since 1974 …

The leisure base is around an artificial pond created in 1974 and managed by the town hall of Saint-Rémy-la-Vanne.
The leisure base is around an artificial pond created in 1974 and managed by the town hall of Saint-Rémy-la-Vanne. (© The Briard Country)

One afternoon in June Saint-Rémy-la-Vanne. In a heat already overwhelming – the mercury will climb several degrees the following week – regulars in search of coolness alongside the shore of the body of water. Special fishermen from the Val-de-Marne bait carp, pike and other trout dumped each year in the artificial pond. A bicolour couple in the grass. Grannies accompany their grandchildren to a shady spot. We hear the water splashed under the weight of jumping fish.

here the leisure center of Saint-Rémy-la-Vanne. Owned by the municipality, it has been a pleasure for locals for 45 years. "It's open all year," introduces Pierre Coudron. As for fishing, says the 1st Deputy, it is allowed "for nine months". But no more bathing. A municipal decision made ten years ago. The reason ? The three lifeguards were too expensive. In return, the entrance to the leisure center becomes free. Above all, it is open all year, against three months ago.

Volleyball, barbecues and pedalos

The ban on bathing was a stir at the start. Then everybody gets used to it. Today, when the weather is nice, "people like to walk around the pond," says Régine Herbette, 2nd deputy mayor. Barbecues are allowed, too, provided they are not done in the grass.

The sandy beach still exists. A volleyball court, four petanque and a table tennis table are available to visitors.

In July and August the leisure center of the Moulin des Prés, it is his name, also has a refreshment room from 14 hours to 19 hours (from 12:30 on Sunday). This is where you can rent one of five pedalos at a rate of € 6 for 30 minutes. This has been the joy of many generations for almost five years. "A lady told me that she was taking her children and now her grandchildren," Régine Herbette laughs. The water of Saint-Rémy-la-Vanne still has a bright future ahead of him.

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