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It is a long-term investigation, which lasted nearly a year, led by the company of Saint Nazaire.

The investigations, carried out under the code name "Fleur de Sel", made it possible to highlight drug trafficking on the peninsula of Guérande and Saint-Nazaire. 14 kilos of heroin, 20 kilos of cannabis and more than 115,000 euros in cash were seized.

26 people were arrested, 18 men, 8 women. 13 of those arrested are currently detained.

"This operation was carried out on rogatory commission of a magistrate instructor of the TGI of Saint Nazaire following the opening of a judicial information on September 5, 2018 by the prosecutor's office of Saint-Nazaire, counts of traffic of narcotic cannabis, heroin and cocaine, criminal conspiracy, and laundering of narcotics ", says Sylvie Canovas, the prosecutor of the Republic of Saint-Nazaire,"the referral to the investigating judge follows a preliminary investigation entrusted to the COB Guérande and the company of Saint-Nazaire, carried out from July 2018 as a result of information brought to their attention and mentioning 'a narcotics trafficking on the sector of the peninsula Guerande and Saint-Nazaire'.

An inventory at the Prévert

For a year, the investigators used spinning mills, geolocation devices and intercepted many telephone conversations, all of which helped to trace the networks and identify suppliers, individuals already known for similar facts.

The police operation was conducted Tuesday, June 18 in several municipalities in the Nantes agglomeration (Nantes, Rezé), in the Nazi region (Saint-Nazaire, Montoir, St. Lyphard, Prinquiau, Guérande) and in Morbihan (Riantec )

The searches carried out on thirty sites yielded very fruitful discoveries: 115,315 euros in cash, 20 kilos of cannabis worth 60,000 euros, 14 kilos of heroin worth 420,000 euros, 79 grams of cocaine worth € 2,765, 179 vials of methadone and 200 tablets of methadone tablets.

A room of culture, eight cars, a scooter and a weapon were also seized.

Five people were held Thursday, eight more on Friday.

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