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The house is now closed and barriers have been installed to prevent further accidents.
It is in the back of the house, under this small shed that the Yago family settled in emergency.
People from Roura come to bring blankets or food, in solidarity with the tragedy that the family is going through, and this event that affected the whole commune

Isabelle, resident of Roura

"It's impressive at the level of electricity, the son who was walking around, really we were very shocked and then the grandfather and Mrs. Yago too who were completely all disoriented as a result of this drama. I brought, with regard to the clothes, the food, the accommodation, they arrange and for the animals, I brought boxes of preserves ".

Mireille Elfort is one of the oldest women in Roura, a close friend of 93-year-old grandfather Yago, who is still hospitalized after the attack and the burning of her house

Mireille Elfort

"It hurts me a lot, because we were raised together, we were used to it, and when I heard that, I could not stay, I had to come and see what was going on."

The municipality of Roura urgently dispatched an expert to probe the foundations of the house
His conclusions are reassuring: the ground floor is still habitable
The electricity has been restored but there is no roof and a lot of work.
Mayor David Riché has taken urgent steps to find alternative housing for the victims.

David Riché, Mayor of Roura

"I called Semsamar yesterday for housing, he has files to fill, I contacted the family myself for it to go quickly, I had electricity restored because he still had electrical problems Good everything takes shape, it is not easy, it is urgent and I will see the provisions that I as mayor with my city council to be able to endow this family of financial means and see if the law allows me to do that, if it does, I will do it without thinking. "

At the origin of this arson, a case of money and drug trafficking in which one of the sons of the family would be involved.
The young Sullivan Yago, who has been hiding for a week, has still not reappeared in Roura because the authors of the fire and shooting may still be looking for him.
David Riche

"I do not know where he is but in his place, if he hears me I would advise him to go to the police.At one time we must stop fleeing and assume his responsibilities."

The rumors run in the small town: a case of drug trafficking and debts of tens of thousands of euros.
But nobody seems really surprised except by the magnitude of the consequences.
Almost everything is known in a village of 3500 inhabitants.

mamie Mireille

"When we have bad dating, that's what happens, it's like that.

The investigation was entrusted to the research section.
The gang at the origin of these criminal acts would consist of at least 3 people who have still not been apprehended.

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