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They thought they had found the right plan for a holiday in the sun at a lower cost. Instead, they are already a dozen young metropolitans to have failed in a prison on the island of Reunion, in recent months. For almost a year, drug seizures at the Reunion-Roland Garros airport have multiplied to the point of becoming almost weekly. The "mules", whose baggage arrives filled with cocaine, hashish or ecstasy, are young people, sometimes barely major, with varied profiles.

Thus, on June 23, three young women aged 18 to 19, still living with their parents in the Val-de-Marne, Limeil-Brevannes and Ivry-sur-Seine, are intercepted on their way down the plane. , from Paris. In their suitcases, in addition to swimsuits and sunscreen, 30 kg of cannabis resin and 2700 tablets of ecstasy. One has just passed the baccalaureate, another is already working as a carer.

The three explain that they accepted, at the request of a common acquaintance, to transport what they believed to be shisha tobacco, in exchange for a stay all expenses paid a few days in a hotel in Reunion, and to a bonus of 600 euros upon their return. They are now indicted for drug trafficking and remanded in custody, 10,000 km from home.

"Their naivety is confusing, they agree to be filled the bags in dubious conditions and make the trip, without visibly measuring the risk they take," laments a judicial source.

Parisian hashish competes with the local zamal

This kind of story has a worrying tendency to repeat itself in recent weeks in Reunion, where the demand for drugs has exploded in the last three years. Cocaine, hitherto reserved for the golden youth of the west coast, rather of metropolitan origin, is now also snuffed among young Creoles of the most popular neighborhoods. Hashish also competes with zamal, local cannabis.

"Reunion is not immune to globalization, including with regard to addictive substances" observes Dr. David Mété, addictologist at the CHU Saint-Denis. "Traditional practices seem gradually relegated to the radius of historical memories: Artane, Rivotril, and others: a time when diversion of drug use had become a Reunion specialty by default, mitigating the difficulty of access to major drugs. "

Faced with this strong demand, supply is organized. And if the customs services have long made their figure on interceptions of postal parcels, it is now the mules from the metropolis that inflate their statistics. In 2018, cocaine seizures were 3.9 kg, three times higher than the previous year. And in mid-2019, this volume is already exceeded.

"Without mules, no traffic"

Faced with this explosion, notable for an island hitherto deemed hermetic to drugs called "hard", the judicial authorities diversify the criminal response. With a deterrent purpose clearly displayed. "If there is matter to investigate, one opens a judicial information, with indictments and requisitions of placement in provisional detention. Otherwise, when the mules have no element or assume the transport alone, they are returned in immediate appearance. Because without mules, no traffic "explains Emmanuelle Carniello, deputy prosecutor of Saint-Denis in charge of narcotics.

In court, the sentences are particularly heavy. Last March, two 20- and 22-year-old women from Marseilles were sentenced to three years in prison for possession of 15.4 kg of cannabis resin and 6255 tablets of ecstasy. Penalty plus a customs fine corresponding to the value of the goods on resale, ie 142 000 euros. A severe backlash for the two young women, who had accepted their perilous mission against the promise, on the part of their sponsor, to receive 1600 euros on their return to Provence.

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