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Vincent Lambert. The Court of Cassation opened the way Friday to a new stop of the treatments now alive this quadriplegic patient in vegetative state for ten years, become symbol of the debate on the end of life in France. The lawyers for Vincent Lambert's parents announced that they would file a complaint for "premeditated murder" against the doctor who would order the treatment of this patient to be stopped after the judgment of the Court of Cassation.

Brest. The evidence gathered so far in the investigation into the shots fired Thursday at the Sunna Mosque in Brest, which caused two injuries, does not allow to say that it is a "Attack", said Friday at AFP the parquet floor of Brest.

Spain. Two people have succumbed to "heat stroke" in Spain, struck by the heat wave: a 17-year-old who was harvesting in Andalusia (south) and a 93-year-old man who collapsed in the city center of Valladolid ( north), the authorities announced. 37 of the 50 provinces of Spain are on fire, including Catalonia where firefighters have been fighting since Wednesday a fire that has already covered more than 6 500 hectares in a rural area.

Heat wave. The threshold of 45 ° C was exceeded for the first time in metropolitan France with 45.1 ° C and then 45.9 ° C measured in two towns of the Gard, one of the four departments in red heat wave vigilance. The previous temperature record was 44.1 ° C and dated back to 2003. The prime minister called for "The greatest vigilance" mentioning'A significant increase' the number of drownings, "One a day", since the beginning of this episode of hot weather.

Homeopathy. Homeopathy should no longer be reimbursed by the Secu because its"efficiency" is "Insufficient", said the High Authority of Health (HAS) in its opinion released Friday. After this scientific conclusion, whose content had leaked in the press Wednesday night, the final decision will be made by the government.

Bridge of Genoa. The two main piles of what remains of the bridge of Genoa, whose collapse had made 43 dead in August 2018, were destroyed this Friday morning with the explosive to allow the reconstruction of a new structure.

World. The countdown is launched: the Blue defy the United States, the best team in the world, this Friday night in the heat of the Parc des Princes, a quarterfinal of Mondial they have dreamed for months. Read our article.

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Mental Health. The climatic disturbance weighs on the bodies, and also on the spirits. Studies have multiplied over the last ten years, especially among our Anglo-Saxon and overseas neighbors. Read our article.

Pollution. Are electric vehicles affected by speed limits in the event of peak pollution? The answer here.

Reportage. The Minister of Territorial Cohesion held Thursday a public service office in a village in the north, where there was talk of disconnection of elites, unemployment and commercial areas. Read our rerportage.

Therapeutic cannabis. After one year of studies, the specialized scientific committee gave its definitive opinion on the establishment of therapeutic cannabis in France. The ball is now in the hands of the Medicines Agency and the Health Branch. Story.

LGBT +. Australian sociologist Dennis Altman, feminist historian Christine Bard and sociologist Karine Espiñeira question Release the symbolic significance and legacy of the 1969 Stonewall New York riots for contemporary LGBT + struggles. Read their analyzes.

Seen from Germany. If the subject of the tremors of Chancellor Merkel has been treated by the press, he is far from having made the headlines. This is due in particular to the modesty of the Germans with regard to the privacy of politicians, unlike their French neighbors. Read our analysis.

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Here's what you'll find in the newspaper this weekend: a folder on Stonewall where fifty years agoOn the night of June 28-29, 1968, a police raid on the gay bar in New York provoked riots that were unprecedented and unprecedented. An event today considered as the genesis of the LGBT + movement; A report in Nîmes where the thermometer went crazy in the Gard city Friday afternoon setting a new heat record for the heat wave; A Scooter traffic survey self service ; the usual pages Images, music, books and food. And finally, a extra charge on solidarity.


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