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Throughout this first weekend of summer was held the sixth edition of volleyball tournament organized by the VOP (Volley Olympic Puy-en-Velay) at the Aiguilhe stadium. The program: activities, entertainment for children, but also tournaments.

The event began Saturday, June 22 with entertainment and tournaments for young people aged 6 to 18 years. The children were expected from 14h to 16h. This Sunday, June 23, things were getting a little more serious with a 4×4 mixed tournament from 9h to 19h …

New record !

The event this year broke a record of participation in the six editions, with a total of 36 teams, totaling 144 players against 112 last year; and this without counting the spectators come to appreciate the spectacle provided by the players, which made swell the number. As for them, the participants came from all over the region, but also much further as Fabrice, 27, from Marseille: "This is the third time we participate in the tournament, there is always a very good atmosphere. We come here mainly to have fun … but also to win! He says with a smile. Indeed, music and animations were there to ensure the show …

The atmosphere at the rendezvous

If there was something missing from the event, it certainly was not the atmosphere. "Bayer Leverkusec", "Les Biscottes en Mousse", or "Paste Petite" … The names of the participating teams were not serious and showed a desire to relax in the players for the beginning of summer. Even if, in the heads, there was undoubtedly the desire to brandish the trophy of this edition 2019. The sun was also at the rendezvous, forcing some players withdrew their T-shirts and the organizers to start the race. watering the ground to refresh the participants, the latter having fun of the situation. "We also have our eternal cowhide" plays Thibaut Fink, president of the VOP and organizer. A cowhide (or rather a player disguised as cowhide) that pops up from time to time on the field to distract the children who had the goal of catching it. Other sports activities such as a contest of strikes took place, with many prizes to be won.

"We have a very strong tournament this year"

Even though the tournament was relaxing, this did not stop the participants from getting high. Thibaut Fink is delighted: "this year we have a very strong tournament with a young international, a girl who plays in League A (highest national division), a player in pro B Mende, some players of National 3 and 'other players playing in the regional league' before adding 'but we also have players with very different profiles, some of whom do not practice volleyball at all, that's the beauty of the event'. Each year, the tournament is constantly evolving and given the enthusiasm around the 2019 edition, that of 2020 may also be a hit …


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