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Monday, April 29, 2019 at 12:59 – Every year, farmers in Quebec must redouble their attention to prevent these plants from poisoning their crops. See which ones here.

The little ragweed

In addition to being responsible for hay fever, this plant attacks soybean plants. According to Claude Lavoie, a biologist and professor at Laval University, "even at low density, like four plants per square meter, it can cause yield losses that can reach 50% or 75% of production."


The biologist adds that this is a "real nuisance"!

The great ragweed

This species of plant is just beginning to arrive in Quebec, but its reputation precedes it: it is wreaking havoc in the United States!

"With the phenomenal expansion of soybean cultivation in recent decades, that of the great ragweed is only a matter of time," said Mr. Lavoie, before stating that unlike the leaf of the small grass with lice that looks like a feather, that of the big one looks like a cannabis leaf ".

great lice grass

The buckthorn cathartic: best friend of aphids

Once again, it is the soybean fields that are most affected by this plant with great virtues for aphids. In fact, it keeps them alive during the winter and serves as a host for insects that, once in the spring, can revel in soybean plants.

190430 - picreb

Redroot pigweed

Unlike the others, this plant attacks the roots: by choking the market gardening, "the amaranth red can cover almost the entire soil," says Claude Lavoie.


Common Reed

Probably the best-known invasive plant: Common Reed usually borders highways and can form "continuous hedges over several kilometers," says the biologist. Again, it can be found in soybean fields, but also in cranberry fields.

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