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The figures for the interventions of the Red Cross and the police over the four days of the festival is rather conclusive if we judge by the figures communicated by the police of Liège Sunday evening.

Over four days of festivities, the Red Cross recorded 1,077 interventions on the Ardentes site, including 20 evacuations to hospitals for additional care. Among the most common are 440 wounds and various care (injuries, falls, …), 246 bruises, 60 severe sun burns, 23 alcoholemia, …

"There is 0 intervention for the consumption of narcotics, which reveals that the message of the prosecution and the police is a carrier," said the spokesman of the police in Liège. The police interventions were much less numerous since only 40 controls for disturbances of the public order, mayhem, obstruct the circulation etc, of which 8 gave rise to administrative arrests.

"Our policemen have worked with a friendly public in a problem-solving and proximity philosophy to keep the festival a party, even during the incident at one of the last night's concerts on the Rambla", added Jadranka Lozina, spokesperson for the Liège police.

The parquet floor of Liège had carefully communicated before the festival by explaining that a zero tolerance would be put in subject of narcotics. In concrete terms, this means that anyone controlled in possession of cannabis or other soft or hard drugs, regardless of the quantity, is prosecuted.

"It is obviously impossible to control tens of thousands of festival-goers, the goal is to keep the festival as safe as possible, also frequented by many minors," the spokeswoman said in a joint communication.

Thus the judicial brigade section stup controlled 329 people. Among them 190 majors were in violation and accepted a transaction as well as 9 minors also positive. Two cannabis dealers were also intercepted and referred to the prosecutor's office on Saturday. The confiscated stupas are cannabis for the vast majority and ecstasy in smaller quantities ", concluded this joint communication.

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