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• Did you know?

Native to Europe and the Orient, this perennial of the plantaginaceae family has 200 varieties, including the large plantain and the lanceolate. Known since Antiquity, it was mainly used as a poultice for wounds and inflammation of the skin. Shakespeare talks about it in his comedy "Lost love pains". Hare ear or grass with five seams, the plant crossed the ocean under the soles of French and English settlers, to swarm wherever they set foot in North America, hence its nickname, Feet of Whites.

• The benefits of plantain

It limits the allergic reaction, the risks of superinfection and fluidifies the secretions. Combined with rhinitis, irritation and respiratory problems of seasonal allergies, it is welcome from February to the end of the summer. Its mucilages, vegetable substances, soothe skin irritations.

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• How to use it?

-In prevention of pollen and seasonal allergies: 1 capsule of whole plantain powder or 1 scoop measure of plantain fresh plant suspension (SIPF). To be taken two weeks before the supposed arrival of allergens. Morning and evening for a month.

– To relieve eye allergies: Infuse for twenty minutes 1 dessert spoon of dried plantain in a glass of cold water. Filter, then dip a sterile compress and apply on the irritated area. Leave at least fifteen minutes 3 times a day during the whole crisis.

To calm the allergic irritation of the throat: bake 1 dessert spoonful of dried plantain for twenty minutes in a glass of cold water. Filter, then make a gargle 3 times a day during the crisis.

In case of respiratory allergy: 2 capsules of total plantain powder or 2 spoonfuls – measures of plantain total fresh plant suspension (SIPF). Morning and evening during the crisis.

– In case of insect bite or superficial wounds: bake 1 dessert spoonful of dried plantain for twenty minutes in a glass of cold water. Filter, then dip a sterile compress and apply on the irritated area. Or apply a fresh leaf of moistened plantain as a poultice. Leave on for a long time, at least 1 hour. Morning and evening for 3 or 4 days.

• Precautions for use

Contraindicated to the pregnant woman, breastfeeding, the child under 12, the plantain does not cause any drug interaction. In infusion, it must always be prepared with cold to warm water to protect its active ingredients.

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• Cultivate it

Present naturally in the environment, the plantain is absolutely everywhere, in the garden and in pots. Not very demanding, he prefers to develop a sunny or half-shaded exposure, and enjoys a neutral soil.

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Herb Approach

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Yes, municipal approval is necessary prior to the AGLC will subject a retail cannabis license. Applicants must get in touch with their intended municipality to learn requirements concerning municipal retail cannabis laws, zoning requirements, land-use limitations, and place requirements regarding how close a retail store is into a provincial health care centre, school, or parcel of property designated as a school book.
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Herb Approach

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