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Chance of the calendar, Pierre Palmade began promoting his autobiography, Tell my dad I'm famous (HarperCollins ed.), a few days after the incident that made headlines against his will after being held in police custody on April 11, 2019. In this book, he talks about him without taboo and that's also what he done in interview with The Parisian and The world. Turning to the delicate subject of his addictions, the same ones that led him into the night he would have preferred not to live, he explains bluntly what role they played in his experience of homosexuality.

When Pierre Palmade arrives in Paris at the age of 20 to embark on the show business, he discovers the world of the night. An environment in which he is quickly both under the influence and released: "With drugs, I thought better live my homosexuality. On an empty stomach, I am not comfortable with that. The first day I took cocaine, I had no more judgment about myself, I did not blame myself for being homosexual. In the early years, it was like a 'medicine' against my self-homophobia which helped me to live in peace my intimacy, making an arm of honor in my Bordeaux time. It is only around the age of 30 that I understand that this drug is a poison, a very underhanded drug."

I wanted to make me believe that I was heterogeneouso

Because Pierre Palmade estimates, in The Parisian, that his education programmed him to be straight: "I was not prepared and I felt a hatred of myself, so I wanted to make me believe that I was straight, I later fell in the eyes and heart of Véronique Sanson, and other women … I needed the illusion of being straight"Her relationship with the famous singer, with whom she was married from 1995 to 2004, did not end with their divorce and they kept a beautiful friendship:"The union I had with Veronique is really sacred. Even today the link I have with her is sacred. I think we love each other even more than when we were married."(The world)

For Pierre Palmade, the fact of not being born at the right time, that where homosexuality was taboo, prevented him from being a blooming man. Addictions – drugs, alcohol and sex – are a refuge and he has abused them to the point of describing himself as a "survivor". This has "spoils [sa] private life"and they have not been of any help to write since they alter his mind.At fasting, he swarms: Troupe Palmade, which is reformed every last Sunday of the month at the Theater de l'Oeuvre in Paris around 'a guest of honor – the first was held Sunday, April 28 at the Theater of the Work with Muriel Robin -, the writing of a play or a film, following the Grand Restaurant for France 2, touring with Catherine Hiegel in The link and ride with her, why not, a Marivaux. And finally, the cinema: "Why not ? I would love a nice second role. "The Parisian)

Find all of these interviews in The world of April 27, 2019 and The Parisian of April 29, 2019

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