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The birth of Kim Kardashian's fourth child is now just a matter of weeks. Stressed by the arrival of her newborn, the star of reality TV has decided to organize Saturday, April 27 a baby shower … on the subject of cannabis!

Decidedly May seems to be a pledge of many happy events. If the whole planet looks forward to the birth of the first child of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, another star couple is preparing to welcome a newborn: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And for good reason, the star couple is currently waiting for their fourth child, a son who will be born to a surrogate mother.

While waiting for the big day, Kim Kardashian organized her baby shower. And it's now well known, the Kardashian-West family does not really do things in half, on the contrary, she likes to see things in a big way. Very stressed by the arrival of this new child, the happy mother made the choice to organize Saturday, April 27 a baby shower on the theme of cannabis.

Rest assured, it was all about soft drugs and meditation. The 38-year-old reality star had prepared various beauty activities, infusions and introduction to meditation based on products with CBD extracts, for cannabidiol. This cannabis derivative that does not contain THC (ie no psychotropic effects) is supposed to reduce anxiety, pain or stress.

"Because I'm panicked and the baby is coming in two weeks, I thought the best way to celebrate that was to have a little bit of CBD", explained to his guests the mom of North, Saint and Chicago, as reported by People. Among the hand-picked guests, Kanye West's wife had invited her mother Kris Jenner, his sister Kourtney Kardashian but also Paris Hilton, Chrissy Teigen, Larsa Pippen or Jen Atkin, Nicole Williams, Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson.

Herb Approach

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