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Jean-François Trap in Pool Pot © GP

This frantic recovery of the Poule au Pot in the heart of the district of the old Halles, we spoke to you there several months ago. The address is refined, got, against all odds, a Michelin star, while the Grand Restaurant Jean-François Trap remained, he, confined to two – go understand! The fact remains that everything here, in the 1930s, policed ​​service, a bourgeois and wise card, pleases without difficulty. Foreigners, one suspects, adore. Our roommate was Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, also known as Nobu, who grew up in Peru and who loves this seemingly simple place that cultivates the art of mayo egg, celery remoulade, dry sausage and snails.

With Nobu © GP

Parsley frogs © GP

Stéphane Layani and the chenas © GP

With Stéphane Layani, the very greedy and very happy CEO of the Rungis market, who discovered, amazed as a kid, this salutary aggiornamento, we made a lot of beautiful parsley frogs, hash Parmentier as at grandmother, the amazing kidneys veal with mustard ("à la Dijonnaise") very well raised, without forgetting exquisite matchstick potatoes and mashed potatoes worthy of the master Joel Robuchon.

Parmentier Hash © GP

Kidneys with Dijon © GP

We throw a hat at the apremont bench of Blard, fringing like a torrent trout, or so fruity Chenas "In Remont" domain Four Oaks, and epilogue on childhood desserts as the egg in snow with pink pralines or pear Belle Hélène sublimated. Long live gourmet France and the Hen at the Pot!

Egg en snow © GP

Pear Belle Hélène © GP

The Hen in the Pot

Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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