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Fly over the Cousson, Digne, the valley of the Bléone, the Gorges du Verdon, the Valensole plateau, lakes and mountains safely, aboard a gyrocopter. An aircraft invented in 1923, very fashionable in the 1930s. Stéphane Henry, pilot and head of "Air Baptême Verdon" has installed his air base in Clumanc, not far from Barrême. Professional free flight, paragliding instructor, he presents with passion, his "baby" the gyroplane Magni-gyrofabricated in Italy in Milan.

"One of the most powerful and safest of its class, with a 115hp engine." The principle of lift is done with a free blade, the propulsion is provided by a propeller with 6 blades, for the anecdote made in Vaumeilh, near Sisteron, by the company "HélicesE-Props" With 5 hours of autonomy, we can make discovery flights throughout the region.The most popular destinations are the gorges of Verdon, Moustiers, Saint-André les Alpes , we fly over at about 2000 m and average 110 km / h "

Stability of flight

Fasten our belts within this two-seater tandem of 280 kg. Carbon coating, small miniature helicopter, the engine starts. 1,600 cm², like a big motorcycle, the propeller propeller behind in the axis of march, will cause the levity of levitation. The engine roars and like an airplane, we roll on the grass of the track. The chaos stops, normal, we are in the air. The aircraft is quickly gaining speed and already the ground is down very small. The wind gusts of the east, have little hold, on the autogire whose stability in flight is remarkable.

The Cousson scrolls under our feet lost in the mist. Worthy, stretches along the Bléone, heading south towards the valley of the Asse, Mézel, the clues of Chabrières, Barrême, some demonstrations of maneuverability and a soft landing on the grass of the meadow of Clumanc. The dream is over.

Information: 06 62 21 69 33. Mail: info@haut-les-mains.fr

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