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Former Rio de Janeiro governor Sergio Cabral said on Thursday that he bribed delegates of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), including former Ukrainian athlete Sergei Bubka and former Russian swimmer Alexander Popov, for the organization. by Rio of the 2016 Olympics, revealed the Brazilian press.

The $ 2 million purchase of votes was arranged with the help of former International Athletics Federation president Lamine Diack, the former governor told the federal judge. case, which investigates allegations of corruption in the Rio designation.

"[L’ancien président du Comité olympique brésilien, Carlos Arthur] Nuzman told me: the President of the International Athletics Federation, Lamine Diack, is open to undue advantages "(bribes), said the former governor of Rio, who has been imprisoned since the end of the 2016 and has been found guilty of several corruption cases during his tenure (2007-2014).

Among the names cited by Sergio Cabral as IOC members who sold their votes are Olympic pole vault athlete Sergei Bubka and Russian swimmer Alexander Popov, two sports legends, according to the G1 news site.

Lula aware?

"They assured me that Sergei Bubka had received a bribe – another athlete who is not from athletics but who has also received it, is the Russian Alexander Popov, the great champion of the world. ", He told the court, in a video unveiled by TV Globo.

The money, according to Sergio Cabral, would have been transferred by the Brazilian entrepreneur Arthur Soares – a man of trust – to Papa Massata Diack, the son of Lamine Diack. The two million dollars would then have been used to pay the members of the International Olympic Committee in exchange for votes.

Lamine Diack and her son are awaiting trial in the Paris Criminal Court. They are suspected of being at the center of a system of corruption that would cover the doping of Russian athletes.

The former governor of Rio stated that former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010) and former Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes (2009-2017) were aware of the purchase of voice, but did not participate in the negotiation or payment of bribes.

The lawyers for Lula and Eduardo Paes deny that their clients were aware of this scheme. Carlos Nuzman's defense also denied the purchase of votes reported by Sergio Cabral. In the 2009 vote, which took place in Copenhagen, Rio was chosen against Madrid, Chicago and Tokyo.

Bubka and Popov deny

The Ukrainian and Russian Alexander, both IOC delegates, denied Friday that they received bribes in exchange for their voice in organizing the 2016 Olympics. "I can say that I did not even vote for Rio de Janeiro. I participated in the vote but my voice was not for Rio de Janeiro, "Alexander Popov told the Russian news agency R-Sport.

"I am clueless and I do not understand what is happening around Rio de Janeiro. Someone is lying to someone, it's very serious, "he added. He later added that he wanted to cooperate with the IOC Ethics Committee to unveil the case.

On Twitter, former world record holder for the pole vault Sergei Bubka said he "completely reject the false allegations of the governor of the State of Rio", recalling that he "is currently serving a long prison sentence for corruption".
For its part, the IOC announced Friday in a statement that its ethics commission had immediately seized the case (Afp / nxp)

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