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A catchy name, loyalty cards, discounts for the most loyal customers, the small delivery company set up by four young Nîmes ticked all the boxes of effective marketing.

With one notable exception: "weed taxi" (weed meaning grass in English) delivered cannabis resin and cocaine to its customers. An activity obviously totally illegal in France.

The Nîmes, aged 24 to 26 years, were arrested Tuesday, June 11, by the police, after 3 months of investigation.

During the search, cannabis resin and accounting sheets were found at the homes of the defendants, all of whom lived with their mothers.

So far, the four young men were not known to the police, except one of them for driving without a license.

They all acknowledged the charges.

A text message on the offers of the day sent each morning

They stored the narcotics in a box that also served as their office.

Every morning, a text message was sent to customers with the offers of the day.

Their file counted 177 customers.

Loyalty cards, discounts to the "best" customers, the activity was organized like any other home delivery company.

The 4 defendants were tried Thursday, June 13 for immediate appearance in the Criminal Court of Nimes.

3 years in prison including 2 farms for the organizer

The main defendant explained to have created this company because he wanted to be at the head of his activity.

After thinking of a fast food company, he decides to create "Taxi weed" and offers three of his friends to help him.

The public prosecutor of Nîmes has pronounced "severe and exemplary, because" it is a file that is unique ":

  • confiscation of all seals: drugs, cash, computers, cell phones, PlayStation and TV (they were used to communicate with customers) and all vehicles.
  • 4 years in prison including 1 year suspended with probation for the one who is considered the manager of the company.
  • 3 years in prison with 18 months of probation for the other 3 considered as deliverymen.

After 4 hours of deliberation, the judges of the Nîmes Criminal Court sentenced the organizer of the traffic to 3 years in prison including 1 year suspended and 2 years of probation. He was incarcerated at the end of the hearing.

One of the 3 delivery men was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment, one of which was suspended and put to the test for two years, with the obligation to work or to undergo training during the probationary period.

For the other two deliverers, sentences of 18 months in prison suspended with 2 years of probation, with a duty of care for one and an obligation to work for the other.

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