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Thursday, August 8, 2019 at the tollgate of La Gravelle, the customs officers arrested a mother and her daughter. On them, 2.5 kg of cocaine were found. The mother was sentenced to two years in prison.

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The mother and her daughter were arrested following a customs check at the La Gravelle tollgate. Drawing.
The mother and her daughter were arrested following a customs check at the La Gravelle tollgate. Drawing. (© The Courrier de la Mayenne)

"You are a person used by unscrupulous people. However, you participate in this traffic. If there are no smugglers, there is nothing. In front of Xavier de Bernouis, president of the Laval Correctional Court, there is a mother of five.

The defendant aged 38 was checked by customs on Thursday, August 8, 2019 at the tollgate of The Gravelle. On her and her 17-year-old daughter, 2.5 kg of cocaine "85% pure" are discovered. The drug, distributed in small bags, is hidden in the bras of the two women, but also in their private parts. The defendant residing in Guyana also swallowed 29 bags, risking his life. "At the slightest shock, everything could explode. You could have died of an overdose, "the judge reminds him.

Estimated value of the goods: more than 160 000 €

These two "mules" as they say in jargon had landed at Orly from Cayenne. The two women had been prepared in Suriname, a country neighboring Guyana, before delivering the drug to Rennes. To convey the goods evaluated to "more than 160,000 € Mother and daughter had to touch " € 12,000 ". "I'm in trouble. I can not pay my rent and feed my children, "says Guyanaise with apparent tattoos.

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A "sensible" argument for the president, if the mother had not already made two other similar trips recently. "One wonders if you have not become a professional cocaine passage between Suriname and the metropolis," asks Xavier de Bernouis.

"On every flight from Cayenne, an estimated 20 mules on a plane"

The example of this mother is far from an isolated case. "On every flight from Cayenne, it is estimated that the number of mules per plane is 20," recalls Nicolas Cré le Carpentier, deputy prosecutor. In 2018, 1,349 drug smugglers from Guyana were arrested and 2.7 tons of drugs seized. This "booming" market, according to the prosecutor's office, uses small hands baited by money from drug traffickers. "These people abuse the misery of people. Unfortunately, they are almost never found in court, "said David Buron, defense lawyer.

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The court sentenced her client to two years in prison, suspended for eight months. It will also have to pay a fine of 86 100 €. The defendant joined the prison of Rennes after the hearing. His daughter has been entrusted to the services of the Children's Social Assistance (ASE).

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