Miss Prestige National 2015 will not go to Le Mans court for drug trafficking – Order Marihuana Store Quebec Canada

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Suspected then innocent: the trial held on Monday at the Criminal Court of Le Mans could have seen Margaux Deroy on the bench of the defendants. On April 24th, the Miss Prestige National 2015 is laundered in this case and obtains the status of assisted witness.

This trial is still important for the model of Lille origin, although it does not go to the hearing. Her lawyer, Elodie Fourmon-Leclercq, hopes that Margaux Deroy will be completely rehabilitated and can finally turn the page.

Margaux Duroy, at the wrong time in the wrong place

The 23-year-old woman was arrested on June 7, 2018 with her boyfriend of the time, Nasser, in the late evening. At the back of the car, narcotics were found. After 96 hours of custody, the beauty queen was placed in custody for nine days.

Me Elodie Fourmon-Leclercq, the lawyer but also the aunt of Margaux Deroy, then fights to have her released. Until February 2019, eight months, the miss is subject to a strict judicial control : obligation to score at the police station once a week, prohibition to go to Sarthe and Pas-de-Calais or to meet other people indicted.

A stressful year for the miss

The model lives with difficulty this bad experience, which her lawyer appears to "a social suicideWhen the facts break out, the Miss Prestige National committee chair, Geneviève de Fontenay, request the withdrawal of her crown of miss. "Instead of supporting her, even though they knew her very well, they could have at least let her benefit from the doubt"Sighs Me Elodie Fourmon-Leclercq.

Since then Margaux Deroy has resumed modeling activities. "From now on, her troubles with the justice are indeed finished, Margaux is serene", says his lawyer.

Herb Approach

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