"Migration is a business stronger than drugs," says Italian diplomat accredited in Conakry, Livio – Shipping Medical THC Online Mississauga Canada

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Irregular migration is a global concern. If it contributes to the "destabilization" of the Western economy, it makes African countries, particularly those south of the Sahara, lose real, valid arms. Because many die in the desert, in the Mediterranean, while others do not find their account in their dream country.

It is by being aware of all these factors that Italy, a country that hosts many illegal migrants and UNESCO, in its mission to promote peace-building, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development organized on 3 and 4 July 2019 training for Guinean journalists on migration and security. This training is part of the project "Empowering African Youth in Africa and Fighting Irregular Migration through the Media".

According to official figures, among the countries providing clandestine migrants in Europe, there are nine African countries and Guinea with 7.2% is third behind Eritrea (11.7%) and Nigeria (21%) . Ivory Coast is in 4th place. The position of Guinea seems much more worrying, because the other countries have known the war. Nigeria is a victim of terrorism and a population, according to the 2017 census, is more than 190 million, while Guinea has barely 13 million inhabitants.

Livio SPADAVECCHIA, Italy's ambassador to Guinea, recalls that irregular migration is very dangerous because it has become a very strong business: "Migration has economic and political aspects, but it is especially important to understand the phenomenon. There are criminal networks that manage the departure, the accompaniment, the arrival. Once we arrive in Europe, there is prostitution, organ trafficking. There is Nigerian crime. There is even Italian crime. They live on migration which is a business stronger than drugs. So that's good for them [les réseaux criminels]. They will continue the migration. "

According to the Italian diplomat in Guinea, irregular migrants have made regular migrants return from Italy because of their effect destabilizing the economy: "There are even problems of regular migrants. We opened the embassy here. I met several Guineans who come back from Italy where they were really integrated. They had settled and married with Italians, but they returned to Guinea because they lost their job. So you have to understand the destabilizing factor of the economy that migrants have brought where there was a dimension of integration in Italy in recent years. "

To fight against this phenomenon, Italy adopted in 2016 "Fondo Africa", which is a financial instrument aiming at supporting the interventions and relaunching the dialogue and the cooperation between Italy and the African countries considered a priority for migratory flows. This financial program aims to combat illegal immigration and human trafficking through a series of actions, including awareness campaigns and information on the risks associated with migration.

The project of empowering young Africans, according to the organizers, will seek to strengthen access to information in order to raise awareness and obtain a better knowledge and understanding in Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Nigeria. It also aims to support professional and ethical journalism and to develop media capabilities.

Second, it will seek to equip media professionals with the opportunity to produce better-informed journalism that seeks to inform rather than ignite public debate on the issue. This, they say, will encourage journalists to deal ethically with the crises of vulnerable communities and refugees and to take into account the social impact of their stories.

"Specific programs will be produced to empower young people from vulnerable groups and gain access to new opportunities," it said.

Herb Approach

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