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A previous luxury car auction by the Mexican government in May 2019.
A previous luxury car auction by the Mexican government in May 2019. (MARIO GUZMÁN / EFE)

The scene is amazing. It takes place under a kind of temporary tent at the entrance to a building of the Mexican Ministry of the Interior. On a big screen: images of the properties in question. Two officials, in yellow vest, give the floor to potential buyers. And after, it looks like any auction.

The last date of Sunday, June 23, but another sale is announced in the coming days because the result of June 23 was rather disappointing: 27 properties were on sale, the Mexican state hoped to recover $ 9 million. And only one-third was sold, including a very big house in the $ 750,000 Beltra Laya cartel.

These are usually very luxurious properties, with pools, and often with tunnels to escape the police in case of emergency! And so several lots have not found taker, for example the apartment of the former cartel leader Arturo Beltran, nicknamed El Barbas. It must be said that it is the apartment where he was killed, which does not necessarily envy everyone. In May, these are luxury cars cartels that had been sold: 77 in total, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ford Mustang …

The new president of the left has pledged that the sums raised will be intended on the one hand for the victims of the gangs and on the other hand the fight against poverty, especially in the provinces of Oaxaca and Guerrero, in southern Mexico. And President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, nicknamed Amlo, is also helping out.

It is looking to sell 70 helicopters and 60 government-owned aircraft, including the president's airliner, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, valued at $ 150 million. He also chose not to use official cars to ride in a modest Volkswagen. All this auction program has been nicknamed "Robin Hood": take to the rich to give to the poor. And there is obviously a little communication operation in there.

More generally, the fight against drug cartels remains very complicated in Mexico. Several major cartels have been partly dismantled, such as the Sinaloa or Jalisco groups. And several leaders of the national oil company Pemex were fired for corruption. It is estimated that the cartels controlled a third of Mexican oil production!

But the problem is far from settled. The gangs crumbled into smaller structures, more difficult to control. Kidnapping and extortion are commonplace. As for violence, it is absolutely not eradicated: there were more than 33,000 homicides last year, a record. This corresponds on average to a murder every quarter of an hour.

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