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The Large Basin Union of the Oust (SMGBO), a local actor engaged in the reconquest of water quality, has set up numerous actions aimed at acquiring new practices from farms, communal schools, but also for environmental protection and management.

Last week, École Saint-Joseph hosted Frédéric Briend, a facilitator at the SMGBO, to talk about the water for the 33 children of CE2, CM1 and CM2.

They first conducted a survey with the help of their parents. The animation in class then approached in a general way, but also at the scale of their commune, by means of photos, of construction games and a large model of watershed, subjects like water in landscapes, the use of water, the pollution of water and the means to remedy it.

The children continued the study of the theme of water in the form of experiments, on November 15th. With equipment, they filtered water, studied the formation of clouds (evaporation, condensation), considering the interest of the hedges and strips of grass compared to the water and the importance of the wetlands.

This practice allowed them, among other things, to see for themselves several important facts for the preservation of water quality.

To allow children to better understand concepts discussed in class, a field trip is planned in the school year.

Encouraging them to adopt an active responsible attitude from an early age is fundamental for the preservation of the quality of water and aquatic environments. The SMGBO wishes to sensitize the school public about individual and collective actions possible for a daily fight against pollution and waste.

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Maxent. Animations on the water at Saint-Joseph

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