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Have drug traffickers become employers like the others in Marseille? Provence reports that in some cities of the city, hit by unemployment, drug trafficking has become the last industry that "recruits". The leaders of these networks are so successful that they even model their hiring and marketing methods on those of the corporate world. This is particularly the case a few weeks ago in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille near the neighborhood of Solidarity.

Indeed, officers from the North Division found flyers on the ground that turned out to be real job offers. "Job offer.Your drug store is hiring!", Can read on one of these placards. The offer takes the form of a regular job is accurate that "the company" seeks "a full-time salesman responsible for the reception of customers and the good sale". The announcement even states that this dealer-watcher will be in charge of "carry out permanent visual checks at all times".

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After the job description, recruiting drug traffickers say they are looking for people who can "apply and follow the manager's instructions." The flyers also announce the way of applying which is more original than usual. The announcement makes it clear to candidates to add "on Snap" or come to "home". The criminal organization hiding behind the announcement takes the name of "Capsule corp", name borrowed from the multinational Dragon Ball Z manga.

Flyers also for customers

The investigators also found several other promotional materials apparently distributed to clients of the Drug Point of Sale of the Solidarity District. One of the papers specifies the opening hours during which "the drugstore Capsule corp is proud to welcome you (sic)", Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to midnight "without interruption".

"In 50 years of career, I had never seen that ….", comments Me Hini, lawyer defending a small salesman brought before the correctional court in this file near the local newspaper. Indeed, after the discovery of these job offers, a preliminary investigation was immediately opened and led to the arrest of a vendor and a "nanny" at the home of which 1.7 kilograms of cannabis and 10 grams cocaine and several ecstasy tablets were seized.

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